Most of writing is a solitary activity. At least for me. The initial story, the first draft, the rewrite, and the first edits are all done before anyone gets to see a story. Then my Team goes to work. They edit, comment, proof, and correct. It’s said that I am to spelling and grammar what oil is to water-Not friends! Yet, my crew keeps me in line.

My special thanks to all of you!

  • The Lady G – the boss! (Note: my Lady G, not Amanda!)
  • Ian – editor and proofreader. Helps me keep the characters straight!
  • Andre – proofreader. Amazing what he can find!
  • Lare – proofreader and structural engineer! Not only can he find the really strange problems, he is a master of formatting.
  • Mike – the grammarian. Not that I need it! LOL!
  • My Readers – those few that slip through, so many are so kind to help make these stories as perfect as possible!

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