Chapter 17 – Brownian Motion

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The Nakeds broke up outside the office. As we did, Margie handed out a list of ‘to dos’ for each of us based on our conversations. It also had her email and cell phone number. On the bottom half of the page were the commitments we’d each made or identified that needed to be made. Some had initials for the person holding the promise and the person doing the commitment—requesters and performers in her lingo. At the very bottom was a note to email her our contact information and she would distribute a full list to the team. How had she had the copies made that quickly?

“Team!” Coach Contadino called the meeting to order. “I want to thank each of you for your commitment.”

With that, he hugged each of the Nakeds, whispering something in everyone’s ear, which produced a look of pride on each person’s face. I was last. The hug was one of thanks and appreciation, not like our normal.

“Becca, thank you. Your insights into psychology, your creative talents, and your love of your coach will make this a success.”

“Coach Contadino, I am committed to this. You will lead us to victory!” We broke the formal hug and gave each other a quick smile, trading love.

“Team, huddle around.” We quickly formed a loose circle. Luis stuck out his hand, palm up. Chris, Luke, and Paul immediately laid their hands down in a stack on top of Luis’s. The rest of us caught on and added to the stack.

“Nakeds on three.” Luis growled, his field voice I assumed. “One… Two… Three…” The stack dipped down then flew up, driven by Luis’s strength.

“NAKEDS!” Resounded through the halls. We broke up and headed to our classes. All the Clotheds looking at us strangely. Not a surprise, there were no requests and only a little bit of anonymous fondling.

‘To hell with it!’ I thought as I failed to get my arm around Luis to snuggle to him as we walked. So, I grabbed Junior and ‘held hands’ with him. He was a real gentleman because he rose up to greet me. Luis, not to be left out, put his arm around my shoulder and fondled my boob.

“Not that I mind, teenage boy after all, but what’s gotten into you?”

“Well, My Mountain, the best answer to that is me is finally me.” I started slowly stroking Junior as we walked. “And, I’d like this to be in me, soon.”

I swear, he stopped walking. That almost cost him Junior and me my book bag because I didn’t stop right away. He leaned his head back and just roared with laughter.

As he tried to get his breath, he looked at me. He tried a couple of times to get the words out, but would start laughing all over again. Tears were starting to stream from his eyes. Finally, he calmed enough.

“I just had a vision of us going at it… and… Junior popping out of your mouth.” He went back to laughing, hard. It took me a second to get it. Okay, I want to go on the official record that I do NOT snorkel-snort every time I laugh. Just when Luis gets to me this bad.

Damn that man. I’m really not used to laughing so hard, so free.

“Do I need to steal some towels?” He managed that with a perfectly straight face and a slight bow like a waiter.

As I was almost ready to double over and ask for the towels, Ms. Carlisle walked between us. She slipped her arms through ours and said, with a wicked little grin, “Ah, a happy student is a good student! Good students belong in class.”

Her arm was very warm and she smelt really good.

Luis and I stole glances at each other and started laughing all over again as soon as we made eye contact. I have to be acting like this because of my newfound freedom of self. Just as I thought that, it hit me that Luis probably is as well. Yeah, he smiled and stuff before, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen him melting with unrestrained laughter.

“Well, Ms Carlisle, you’d better separate us in class so we can continue to be good.” He managed to say that with a perfectly straight face and a perfectly horizontal Junior. Okay, slightly angled upward!

Damn! I’m with a teacher. Okay, breathe. I should be…

Ms Carlisle doubled over as she cracked up. My stifled laughter turned into a snort-snorble-snort. Luis just bent in half and was laughing so hard he couldn’t inhale. He actually slapped his knee and it sounded like a cannon blast in the empty school hallway.

Ms. Carlisle recovered the quickest, “Okay, kids. We need to get into the classroom now.”

She was still looped arms with us. Tears starting to stream down her face from laughter. Face flushed. She felt nice and I don’t mean just the physical contact.

Luis opened the classroom door and we went through as a unit. Me first. Damn, it’s hard to suppress a good laugh. Even when you don’t always understand why you are.

Luis and I tried to break away, but Ms. Carlisle held on and led us to the front of class. This is a senior class so Tim Carter and Shirley Keon were there. Directing the two of us, she waved Tim and Shirley up as well. Asking for four chairs, they were produced in a heartbeat.

She huddled with the four of us. “The Program is about exploration, pushing barriers. Do you agree?”

“Definitely,” my mouth said as my brain tried to catch up. I caught general agreement from others as I turned my affirmative over in my head. Yes, I did agree with it.

“I’m going to do the standard and ask if any of you need relief. Then I’m going to ask you to participate in class. I’m going to ask. I want to make that clear. Let me add two things. First, I’m not going to time relief.” She let that absorb. “And, if you tell me you’d like relief alone or in any combination in private, I’ll send you off for supplies or whatever. On the other hand, if you want to explore and experiment in front of class, feel free.” She put her hand out and we all stacked on. “On three, Nakeds. One… Two… Three…”

“NAKEDS!” There was again that feeling of unity. Commitment. More importantly, choice.

Oh! My! God! I’m so used to living within self. This was so strange! Yet so wonderful. Having the support of a team is… awesome. Overwhelming, yet awesome.

I looked at My Mountain. Did we want to get supplies? Play together? Alone? Or did we feel okay experimenting? What did I want? Strangely, I was feeling open. I had discovered real, powerful orgasms and I wanted to find out more. Plus, it really is kinda fun watching a guy shoot. I guess I wanted to be happy. I know Luis made me happy. I wanted to make him happy. Yet, I wondered, could other people make me happy and feel good? I wanted to find out with Rosalee. Ms. Carlisle’s–Joan’s—arm had felt really good. Did I want to explore that? YES! In public? With Luis? But, what if it was with another guy?

“Do you want to experiment some?” He broke my spinning thoughts. Do you know how much I love this guy?! I nodded.

“Here or in private?”

“Right now, I’d like you to be around and here. Maybe another time apart, in private. Okay?”

“Go for it, sweets! Do you want me to participate, just watch, or do my own thing?”

“Um… All of the above?” I felt my heart beating.

“Tell me your dream.” Did I say love? YEP!

“We pick a person to give relief to both of us.” There. I said it. Now, time to get really nervous. What’s he going to say? Is he going to pick? Breathe! Breathe! Trust. Breathe. Love… Whoa! Oh, yeah! Wait a minute. I proposed this. I asked the question. I didn’t tell him, honestly, what I wanted. Was I trying to set him up?

I looked him in the eyes, only to realize I had been the whole time. He had a really kind and cute smile in his eyes.

“There’s more?” was all he said. Could he read my mind? I hoped so.

“You’re not upset with sharing me?” As I asked, I saw a bit of… hurt?

“Share? I don’t own you, do I?”

“NO!” I think I said that too fast and too loudly.

“You’ve met my mom, sampled her food. If I go and have Chinese some night, am I cheating on her?”

“Ah, no.”

“Will I love her any less or she me?”



“I want to share.” His eyes practically glowed.

“Thank you for being honest. How?”

“We could pick someone. What if I wanted to pick a guy?”

“Remember, I chose the Lottery with guys in line. Don’t rule it out.”

“And, if…” His eyes cut me off. Decide, they said. He’d support me, no matter what. It was only my questions (and stories) getting in the way.

Ms. Carlisle asked us, privately, if we had decided.

“Yes,” I answered while checking with Luis again.

“Supplies?” She asked, seeming to think that we wanted privacy.

“Nope. We want relief in class.” Surprise crossed her face for only a second. Nodding her head, she then went and checked with Tim and Shirley. I looked over at the classroom clock and was amazed how little real time had passed since we walked in.

“Would any of you like relief?” Ms. Carlisle was back in teacher mode. Luis and I nodded, I gave his hand a loving squeeze. Tim and Shirley shook their heads.

“Okay, then. Tim, I need you to get this list of supplies for me.” She handed him a list and then grabbed a stack of papers off her desk and handed them to Shirley. “Would you deliver these to the office, please?”

They both nodded and headed out to “run their errands.” While all this was going on, Luis and I talked with our eyes.

“How would you two like relief? Each other?”

Luis nodded for me to answer. Decision time.

“We’d like to find one person willing to help both of us.” There. I said it. Shy, hidden me. I didn’t know whether to giggle or run and hide. Crying felt like an option. Then My Mountain gave me hand a gentle squeeze. Damn him. He goes and makes everything okay with one little squeeze.

“My I ask why?” We seemed to be surprising Ms. Carlisle a lot today.

“Sure.” I looked up to My Mountain’s eyes. His smile nearly melted my being. A slight nod of his head, and I continued. “We feel like this week is about discovery and exploring. While we’ve connected and it is something we hope lasts a long time, we still want to… explore.”

“I agree with Becca. I know we have something… powerful is the best word I can come up with.” He looked at me and gave me another core-melter of a smile. “This week we’re discovering each other and with the Program, we have a chance to explore beyond ourselves.”

Okay, I wanted to crawl all over My Mountain at that point.

“How do you want to pick?”

We scanned the room and noticed a lot of interest. The comments were hard to miss as well. Seems playing with the two of us was popular. We didn’t need to talk, we knew. “The lottery.”

Before Ms. Carlisle could say anything, a line was forming. Already eight girls and two guys had lined up for the drawing. Every time Ms. Carlisle thought she had the right number of marbles, she’d look up and find the line had gotten longer.

“Okay, that’s it. No more volunteers!” A couple of last minute deciders groaned, but sat back down.

The line began to move forward. Who is it going to be?

Am I ready for all this? When is Becky going to crater and go back to her old self?


What’s happening to me? Yesterday morning, my biggest concern was rebuilding my body and beating East. Okay, get some studying done too! Now, I’m sitting naked in front of class with my girlfriend. Damn, that sounds nice. Girlfriend. Plus, I’m getting ready to have someone get my girlfriend and me off. I don’t know if it is going to be a girl or a guy. This is an interesting week to let the world know I’m probably bi. That should go over in the locker room like itching powder in a jock strap. This ‘not fucking with my leadership of the team’ is about as likely as the weight bench taking itself on a couple of flying laps around the stadium.


I looked at my sweetie and I knew. The right thing. For some reason, I also thought of my parents. They lived their life with love and compassion. At the same time, they didn’t let the naysayers get them down. Their passion for life was boundless. Papa told me once, ‘The best revenge is living better, and longer, than your enemy.’

It was up to me, then, to deal with my choices. I just needed to remember my parent’s dignity and grace. Their passion didn’t hurt either.

Plus, having a loving partner seemed to help. I looked at Becca again and smiled at her. Yep, gotta do something about these rubber legs. Our eyes were pulled apart when we heard an ear-piercing scream of joy.

Alice Murphy was bouncing up and down holding the black marble. When she bounced, it was a whole body kind of thing. Long, black hair going every-which-away, arms and legs moving in a fashion physicists would call Brownian Motion—completely random. While people say she has ‘A Great Personality,’ she really does. While not a beauty, not really even cute, she was in no danger of scaring little kids. She has an energy that is infectious.

“Oh-my-God, Oh My God! Oh! My! God!” She charged towards Becca and me, pulling up short, and still jiggling everywhere. “Thanks, you guys. This is way Kewl!”

“Hopefully, our pleasure,” Becca beat me to the punch. “Are you ready?”

“Ah, guys… Ah… Umm… I don’t really know what to do.” She looked down at her shoes. In a softer voice, “I’m like… completely inexperienced. I mean I want to…”

Both of us hugged her at the same time. Sweetie surprising me, yet making me proud, Becca took the lead. “No problems, we’ll help you and make it fun for all of us. Okay?”

Alice looked up, beaming. She nodded her head so strongly, she started the whole body-jiggling thing again. It felt really neat holding her while she was doing it.

“Luis or me first?”

“I… Ahem…” Alice turns redder than I do.

Becca took her hands and waited until she looked up. “Do you masturbate?”

Alice sputtered, started to deny it. “Everybody does,” I added, while trying to project calm—in spite of my red face.

Alice finally collected herself, some. “Ah… Yes…”

“Then why not start with me? At last I’ve got plumbing you’re familiar with.” Wow! Where did I find this gem? Shy? Hidden? Wallflower? HA!

Alice looked into Becca’s smiling, calm face and seemed to relax some. Suddenly, she looked at me, questions in her eyes.

“Alice, relax. Enjoy yourself. Learn. Explore.” I felt the love flowing between Becca and me. In the moment, it seemed to wrap itself around Alice like a warm, fuzzy blanket. She relaxed and her excited, jiggly self returned.

“Play with my nipples, if you want to. You could even kiss them…”

“Ah… Luis… Would you help me?” Her eyes pleaded. I smiled at her and winked. I knelt down beside Alice and put my hand on the small of her back.

“She really likes to have her nipples teased. Touching, rolling, light squeezing.” Alice slowly hefted Becca’s beautiful, left breast. Carefully, tentatively at first, she began exploring the orb with her fingers and teasing the nipple. I watched, fascinated, as Becca’s nipple puckered and hardened. I looked up to see Becca’s eyes were closed—she was already headed to her special place. The place where her really good orgasms come from.

“Alice, if you’d like to explore more, I’d suggest going south. She’s already about to blow.”


“Oh, yes. Look at her face, the blush on her chest. Look how her hips are moving without thought, seeking. I’ll be she’s really wet right now.”

“Would you mind… I mean… Could I… Like, taste her?”

“Why should I mind?” She looked at me, smiled, and literally dove between Becca’s legs. How wicked is this, I’ve got a front row seat! I had one hand on Alice’s back, lending my moral support. My other arm was around Becca’s waist, feeling her energy build. I studied Alice’s technique. If she’s a beginner, she’s learning quick. She moved her tongue from side to side, brushing… pushing… stretching Becca’s nether lips. She seemed to tease at the top with light touches, and grind at the bottom. Randomly, her tongue would slip inside Becca. Probing. Seeking. Pulling out juices and savoring them. Becca’s energy turned to squirms and jerks. She did her best to look down to see what was happening to her. Then Alice would touch her clit and her head would shoot back on its own.

Becca was unusually quiet, from what I’ve seen so far. Her breathing was sharp, panting at times. Occasionally, a rumble would escape from deep inside. Her whole body began resonating with Alice’s tongue movements and some special, inner song. I wished I could see more of what Alice was doing.

After a particularly viscous tongue thrashing, or so it seemed to me, Alice sucked Becca’s clit deep into her mouth. The resonating, vibrating girl I had my arm around turned to hot marble. Frozen. Eyes clamped shut. Mouth wide open in an unheard scream. Breathing stopped, muscles locked while Alice continued trying to deep throat Becca’s clit. Then she pushed in a couple of fingers.

A good friend, when I was growing up, was an epileptic. Becca out did the wildest Grand Mal seizure I’ve ever seen. I don’t think she was trying to swallow her tongue, though. No breath, no sound. Just random and violent muscle firings all through her body. Every muscle was playing the game.

I started to pull Alice away, but Becca had already trapped her head with both hands and wasn’t about to let go. About the time I thought I’d need to get EMTs for both, Becca collapsed. She didn’t relax, the marble that came alive just turned to a mass of protoplasm and melted onto the chair. Thankfully, I had my arm around her and kept her from oozing onto the floor.

Alice came up sucking air, but with a grin that would melt Pluto. I could only look at her with awe. She kissed me on the nose, and then fed me her fingers.

“For you!” Ah, essence of Becca with a slight hint of Alice. Delicious.

Ms. Carlisle came up behind Becca and supported her.

“If we have to wait for her to recover, it will be the end of the next class.” I heard more than one giggle from the class. Alice looked at me, with Becca’s juices on her face. She looked perplexed.

“I don’t know what to do for you.”

Ms. Carlisle jumped in. “Explore. Right, Luis?”

“Alice, it’s okay. Just explore. I’ll help and I’m sure when Becca returns to the land of the living, she’ll help too.” That got a chuckle from Alice and Joan. “Just have fun. I’ll answer any question that you have. I’m sure Ms. Carlisle will contribute as well.”

“Ah… Thanks, I guess.” She reached out and put her hand around Junior, feeling his weight. “Why are you so big?”

Before I could answer, Joan jumped in. “Alice, just as you have no choice about the size of your clitoris or nipples, Luis has no choice about his size.”

“But… He’s HUGE!”

“Yes, he is.” Joan paused for a minute. “Alice, think about this. A woman’s vagina comes in different sizes as well. They are short, average, and long in length. Just like a man’s penis. With Luis’s size, over 80% of the women in the world would not be able to rub pubic bones with him without experience discomfort, if not outright pain.”

“Oh!” Alice’s eyes got really big. “So, how does he fit? My fingers feel huge when I put them in.”

“I imagine most women would find him uncomfortable on entry, no matter how well lubricated they are. A large percentage of women wouldn’t be able to comfortably adjust to his girth.” Before Alice could say anything and before I completely lost my erection thanks to the ‘good’ news, Joan went on. “Now, think about Luis and how he feels. So much pleasure denied him.”

“Oh!” Alice’s eyes got big as she looked into mine. I’m sure she felt my pain. I couldn’t help but brighten up as I looked into her eyes. So eager to learn—yet so unsure. Yep, about like me.

Joan continued, “You have a unique opportunity to touch, feel, measure, and stimulate a very unique specimen. Why don’t you heft it the same way you did Rebbecca’s breast and start from there.”

“How big is he…? Excuse me, Luis, how big are you?”

“Alice, I don’t know. I’ve never measured him. Junior has actually ended most of my relationships just because of his size.”

“Scared?” Joan asked. I noticed that since the kiss I thought of her as Joan, in private. Always Ms. Carlisle in public. I need to be careful.

“Oh, yeah. Too much to go into right now. Alice wants to explore. Alice?” She looked up. “Have fun. Okay?”

She nodded her head and put her hand around the crown. God, that felt nice. The warmth was overwhelming. Joan took her on a tour by suggesting places to touch and different ways of touching. Alice’s hand was stroking the whole time while she explored with another. When student and teacher got around to hefting and exploring my balls, I almost lost it. I wanted to give Alice more time, so I forced my mind to think about the Cosmological Constant and how the notion and definition has changed over… Shit, that feels good. Over time, that is. Oh, God! She’s kissing her way down the shaft now. Think of something else. East’s big center. Yeah. Hairy bastard. And she’s got an inch of me into her mouth now. Oh, yeah… Ummm…. Okay, bench-pressing 600 pounds… that would be easier than trying to get my mind off Alice sucking on my cock.

She’s swirling her tongue on the head and teasing the spot at the base of the crown. I want Becca to share this with me. If I could only open my eyes. I have… TO… HOLD…

Alice started jacking my shaft harder and faster. SHIT. SHIT. FUCK! I could barely hear Becca whisper in my ear, “Do it, My Mountain. Give it to her.”

Just before my moans and grunts blocked my hearing, I heard Joan telling Alice to be ready. “Don’t stop stroking, whatever else happens.”

A lightning bolt came through the crown spot at the top of my head, my toes met my heels, my balls must’ve retracted because I couldn’t feel the hands—yes, hands—on them anymore.

There were whispers I couldn’t make out. The voices sounded familiar. A moan from a third person that rattled my very core. Just as the first surge started its journey, a finger found my prostate and pushed. I shot—not spurted—shot. I shot again and again. The world went black, yet was filled with explosions. A few millennia passed. Slowly, Becca’s voice entered my dreams.

“Thank you, My Mountain.”

“WOW!…” Cough, cough, “is there… always…” Cough, cough, “so… much?”

“Alice, I’m sorry. I pressed on his prostrate.” Was that Joan’s voice?

Becca was nibbling lightly on my ear and cooing. Someone was still gently stroking Junior. An occasional lick sent shivers up and down my spine. Was that applause in the background?

“Ugh… Augh…” I think I was uttering. My vision was slowly returning.

“Hmmm… My Mountain has marked another love slave.” Becca whispered in my ear as I finally managed to pry my eyes open.

“Thank you, Alice…” Breathe. Remember. Breathe. “That was wonderful!”

She beamed. Marked was right. She had a small stream running out of the corners of her mouth and puddles on her blouse.

“Thanks guys!” Ms. Jiggles started up again. I couldn’t help but smile as she talked rapid fire without breathing. “Luis, that was so neat! And, Rebbecca… WOW! Thank you, so much. I can’t believe I did that. To both of you. This is so cool. Awesome. And, Ms. Carlisle. Thanks for your help and teaching me and making this just so wonderful…”

“Breathe, Alice.” I managed to get out. Hell, I was running out of breath listening to her.

“Alice, my pleasure.” Becca assured her.

“Mine, too.” I smiled at her. Whoever connects with her is gonna be in for a treat. She’s just so nice and eager!

“Thank you for the wonderful gift.”

“Me too.”

“Okay, this could go on all day. Let’s get class started for real.” Ms. Carlisle handed towels to the three of us. Alice proudly turned hers down. Becca cleaned me as I cleaned her. I kinda like that! Ms. Carlisle indicated that Becca and I should stay in our chairs up front. Alice was welcomed to stay up front, but declined and proudly strutted/jiggled back to her seat. Tim and Shirley had returned. Judging by the smiles on their faces (and Shirley’s glow), they had done an excellent job of mutual relief.

The rest of class was a discussion of the Program, moderated by Ms. Carlisle. Pretty standard stuff, but she did lead it around to our role as seniors. She left us with the charge that we were the role models others should emulate.

Our walk to Art was quiet. A welcome break from the day. Becca and I held hands and she seemed to be content not to talk. I was just enjoying being with her and the calmness of the moment. This day has been a whirlwind.

Just as we got to class, she spun in front of me and wrapped her arms around my neck. Okay, I had to bend down, but who am I to complain!

All my thoughts disappeared when her lips met mine. We were doing a decent mutual oral exam with our tongues when Francesca walked up.

“Well, there’s no public around, so I guess this isn’t PDA.” We broke our kiss and tried to look ashamed. I think our grins gave us away. “More kissing, less war. That’s the way the world should be.”

“Hugs are good too!” I held out my free arm to Francesca. Becca did the same and we enjoyed a brief three-way hug. There was more than one chuckle shared.

“Luis, I want to release you from your promise to pose—this week. If I can have you pose from time-to-time during the year.”

“I’d appreciate that. Any Wednesday during the season and whenever you’d like after.”

“Deal.” She held out her hand. I shook it, and then hugged her before she went into class.

“I was looking forward to posing with you today.” Becca looked downhearted.

“I was too, sweets. But, today is my last day to build strength before Friday.”


“After the workout I need to do, it will take my body three days to recover. I’ll be at my physical peak for the game.”

She reached down and grabbed Junior. “Seems like you’ve already peaked today.”

“Keep doing that and I will again! Plus, I’ll be worthless in the weight room.” Ah, the sacrifices I make for sport.

She gave me a mischievous smile. “Later, then. See you at seven?”

It took me a minute to shift gears. Dinner! Her house! “I’d be there with bells on, if I had any place to put them.”

“Just take a shower and bring your appetite. Both of them.” With a wink and a kiss, she went into the studio. This was not the same girl I watched hesitantly strip yesterday morning!

I practically floated to the gym. I went through the girls’ locker room, just because I could. Damn! No one there. My smile disappeared as I walked into the weight room.

Coach McFarland was standing there with two assistants. They didn’t look happy at all. Coach Mc stared into my soul with a look of absolute disgust.

My bowels started to turn to water as I realized the only time I had ever seen that look from him was when he was getting ready to throw someone off the team for some great crime. Something like drugs, being arrested, or other bad shit. What had I done?

The two assistants pointed to the weight bench and said, in stereo, “Sit!”

Coach Mc took one last look at me, turned and walked out of the room. As he was leaving, he waved to his executioners to take over.