Chapter 8 – Breaking Boundaries

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I hadn’t really ever looked at Becca’s work before. The murals on the walls were just there. So, when I came around the easel, I was expecting the level of work I had seen in class earlier. Preconceived notions. Bad. I stood there with my mouth hanging open. There was me in front of me. As she saw me. Massive, gentle, raw, warm, sexual, open, deep. Powerful. There I was leaning on the divan. My muscles visible but relaxed. My face showed all the emotions I just mentioned. Here was a very large, yet complex, person.

“Becca, that’s incredible!” Ah, the Contadino wit. Who needs foot-in-mouth disease. “You’re very, very good!”

“I had great material to work with.” She gave me a hug and quick kiss. I’m already addicted to her kisses. Yep, got it bad for this one. “This is the first painting I’ve done just for me. I want to hang it in my bedroom.”

“So, I get to watch you at nights? I like that idea.”

“I see someone else does too!” She reached down and wrapped her hand around me. She was tentative at first. Slowly she started stroking and exploring.

“You know, that’s the first time you’ve touched him.”

“I’ve wanted to all day, well, most of the day. I’m glad my first time is in private, though.”

“He likes you a lot.”

“I’m beginning to like him a lot. What about you?”

“Probably falling in love with you.”


“It’s been less than a day, but yeah. I’ve got it bad.”

“Me too.” With that, she started stroking me for real. After a minute, she got on her knees and started examining me. Her other hand lifted my balls, carefully weighing them, caressing them. A groan escaped my lips. When she looked up, she had the most delicious grin on her face. Her tongue came out and gave Junior’s head a light lick. A shiver shot through me. The look in her eyes when she did that made it the most erotic experience I’d had so far in life.

I can only describe what she did next as loving Junior. It wasn’t worship. It was loving, tender, gentle, and powerful. She licked and kissed all of him and my ball sack. Not as direct as Shashana nor as wanton as Susan’s need. Sexual? Yes. Sensual? Hell yes. Erotic? Damn straight. Loving? Better believe it.

When I could open my eyes, I could see she was looking up at me when she could. Desire. Love. Then she took Junior in her mouth. I thought I would pass out. My knees got weak. “Oh god!” came out as a moan of pure pleasure.

I could feel her experimenting. Discovering the texture, the taste. Her tongue working around him. Her lips caressing. It was beyond anything I had ever experienced. Eventually, she took in a couple more inches. Her tongue was everywhere. She suckled the head. My legs were shaking. She was still stroking me with one hand, her other making love to my balls. She began sucking hard, her tongue moving faster, stroking me faster and faster.

“Ah, Becca! Shit! I’m gonna cum!” Instead of pulling off, she stroked harder and more deliberately. Her mouth, tongue, lips, and other hand still loving me. I did my best not to stroke into her as my balls pulled up and I felt the first surge. It felt like it was coming from my toes, up my legs, and out through Junior. When it hit her throat, I expected her to pull off. She groaned, shook, and sucked harder.

I gave. She took. I gave more. She wanted more. I could feel her swallowing while still trying to work more out of me. My knees were beyond shaking, buckling. She had emptied me. I had to sit. Now. I managed to stagger to the stool at the easel and rested my ass on it. Becca never broke contact. She continued to suckle and nurse Junior.

“Oh my god, Becca. Thank you. Shit. Ah… Let me… Get.. my breath… back.” Somehow she knew I was starting to get too sensitive and pulled off. Yet, she showered Junior with little kisses and “thank yous.”

Standing, she walked between my legs and hugged me. “Thank you, My Mountain. That was part of number four.”

“Part?” My breath finally coming back. “Am I gonna live through the other part?” I bent my head and kissed her. It was a very deep, mutual kiss. I held her, she held me as the kiss continued. I made a new discovery as the kiss came to the end. We seemed to know when to end a kiss. They were just right for both of us.

“Was that your first blow job?”

“With Junior. Yes. Any… okay, I can say it, cock. Yes. First time I’ve ever touched one, even.”

“Oh god, I’m in trouble.”

“Why? What? Did I do it wrong?”

“Like it? No.” I felt her slump. “Loved it? Yes! Incredible? Yes! Wonderful? Yes! Best ever? Yes!” Ever try to talk when being showered with kisses? It’s kinda fun. “My point was that if that had been any better, it would have killed me. But, what a way to go!” She hit me! Yes. She HIT me!

“You bastard! Teasing me like that!”

“But, your bastard.”

“Yeah, I like that. My bastard.”

“So, what’s the rest of number four?” She got fidgety. “Honesty. Remember? Spill it.” She tensed, then relaxed with a sigh.

“Straight out honest?” I nodded. “I don’t want to be a virgin by the end of the week. And, I want Junior to do the honors. Yet, I still have my hymen and him ripping that scares me. So, number four is for you to use your fingers and break my hymen while you’re going down on me. When I peak, that would probably hurt the least. Then get me ready for Junior another day. Please?”

“Here? Now? Why?” Bewildered? Who, me?

“Yes. Right here. On the divan. To me, it’s already a special place for us. Now? Damn straight. I’m going to be fingered as part of the program all week. I want to be able to enjoy that. Plus, I want a little time to recover so when I take Junior I won’t be sore anymore. It’s you I want. It’s Junior I want. I don’t want anyone else to take my hymen or my virginity.”

“I want you too. I don’t want to hurt you and that scares me.” I took a deep breath. Cleared my head. “I still have some stories around the reactions that Junior has gotten in the past. That really scares me.”

She grabbed my head and directed me to look in her eyes. “Do this for me, now. On the divan, my love. My Mountain. We’ll tend to your stories later.” I melted. I picked her up in my arms and walked her over to the divan. The silks were still there. I laid her out with her head on the rest and left foot on the floor. Her right leg I draped over the back. We kissed with me hovering over her, not touching except our lips.

We kissed deep. Connecting deeper than we had before. I could stay here forever! Then that perfect mutual ending. I moved to kiss between her breasts, to taste her lovely cleavage. To love it the way she had Junior. On the way, I took a side trip to her ears, playing them with my tongue and lips. Then the hollow of her neck where it meets her shoulders. By now, her hands were on my head, more as acknowledgment than directing me.

Slowly, tracing each curve of her body with lips, tongue, and fingers I approached her breasts. Starting in wide circles around each one, with a lot of time spent enjoying the taste and fragrance of her cleavage, I made love to her large breasts. Before I got to her left nipple, I switched to her right. That got me a groan with a moan! While my lips and tongue made love to her left breast, my hand caressed and fondled her right, avoiding her nipple.

When my lips finally got to her nipple, my hand began working on the other. Her hands pulled me into her. Her back arched. The moans shifted to something more like a growl. I licked, sucked, nibbled first one then the other. Damn near pulling the rock hard bud into my throat. Suddenly, she stiffened, wailed, and convulsed. I didn’t relent my attack while her orgasm washed through her body. When she started coming down, I moved South.

No more teasing. I pulled her knees back and arched her back up. She took her knees and spread herself wide open for me. I attacked with tongue, lips, fingers, chin, and nose. I rode her through her second orgasm. When she started building for her third, I probed deeper into her vulva. My fingers lightly brushing her hymen. Exploring. This orgasm was going to be huge the way she was bucking and straining to get there. When every muscle in her body hardened, I got ready. Then the convulsions hit, hard. I thrust my finger into her, straight through her hymen. I was surprised, there was very little resistance. No screams or jerks from her. Her orgasm sucked my finger deeper into her with each wave. By the time she came down, my finger was all the way inside her. I held still as her pussy adjusted to me.

“God, Luis. That feels so good! Put another finger in me and fuck me with them! And don’t stop with the tongue. Oh, god!”

She came for the fourth time as I pumped two fingers into her and sucked her clit. She had adjusted and my fingers moved easily, though it was wonderfully tight. This orgasm was deeper and longer. Not as violent. Her waves felt like a velvet glove that suddenly turned into a velvet vise. When she came down, she went completely limp. I eased my fingers out, stretched her out and snuggled up next to her. While she struggled to get her breath and vision back, I showered her face with kisses.


“WOW! WOW! WOW!” So much for AP English. My Mountain, my lover, is snuggling up to me as I recover from more orgasms in an hour than I’ve ever had in a week. And none of these was by my own hand. And each was better than any I’d ever had before. He talked about living through this! I’m ready to die right now. And, my hymen was gone. A little tug, it felt like a pop. Then the feeling of being filled. Then being full. For the first time. Overwhelming. I wanted this again. And again. And again. Next stop two fingers. Soon, Junior. Bring him on! Not now, though.

I showered his face with kisses. “Thank you, thank you.” And, “My Mountain.” More kisses, more words. More joy. More love. More thanks. I grabbed The Hand that had taken me. It wasn’t red. Okay, a bit of pink. Covered with my juices. I took The Finger and sucked it into my mouth tasting me and my blood. When I cleaned it, I offered the other covered finger to him. He paid homage to it. He was slow, deliberate. His eyes told me how much he relished it.

“Now, we are bonded with my blood.” He kissed me and we bonded with our saliva as well, mixed with me. I really want to remember the clouds I’m walking on. I want to paint them one day. Perfect. My Mountain and these clouds. Hummm…

“Now, My Mountain. Your stories about Junior. I’ve seen him. I’ve felt him. I’ve tasted him. I’ve given a part of me to you. I want him. Not tonight. I couldn’t live through another of those orgasms. And, I’m gonna be sore. Soon, though. He doesn’t scare me. Just the opposite. I felt your tongue in me. That was heaven. I’ve felt your fingers in me. Two of them are bigger than most guys cocks that I’ve seen. Yes, I’m comfortable saying that word. My Cave wants Junior to fill her. Desires to be filled while My Mountain makes love to me.”

The kisses that followed had words, none of them important. Just two lovers being together and doing a happy thing. Sweet nothings flowed. Kisses. Touches. All gentle. Together, it seems, we hit a point in time.

“Let’s go.” My Mountain said first.

“Where to?”

“I have to eat. Sorry. Training. Then there is some work I have to do tonight to fulfill some promises. Maybe some homework as well. Anything you need to do?”

“Some homework. Food would be good. Not training, but famished after that!” My stories started. I remembered our promise. Honesty. “Do you need to be alone?” I watched his face, carefully. Felt his muscles. Thinking I was a human lie detector. Another story? Yeah. Rejection.

“I’d get my work done quicker if I were alone.” He paused. My heart started to sink. Collapse. “But, I’d rather it take me longer…” Okay, I like jumping on My Mountain. And smothering him with kisses. Even when he teases me like that! And playing with his ears. And his nipples. They’re really sensitive! He started tickling me! The BRUTE! The torture!

“Pax! Pax!” I tried to scream while catching my breath. I was about to pee everywhere.

“About to loose control?”

“YES!” Thank god, he stopped.

“Wait ’til I have you in my bathroom!” He was twisting a pretend mustache like a 1920′s screen villain. That just started me laughing again. Okay. I snorted. Sometimes I do. It’s not my fault. “You just snorted!” No kidding. Well, that just got us going again. Okay. My Mountain was gentleman enough to go steal some towels to clean up the puddle. And we laughed through that! He’s ticklish too! I’m not telling where. My Mountain. My Secrets!

Finally, sanity, for the moment, prevailed.

“I picked up your clothes from the front while you and Jason were talking.”

“He told me you were moving your locker into the Girls?”

“That meant the Equipment Manager showed me where I was now located for the week. He enjoyed doing the actual move with all the girls teams showering!”


“Like I’m not?”

“But, you’re my Perv.”

“Yes I am!”

“So, what do we do for food?”

“Well, my family is about to sit down for dinner. Care to join us?”

Was I ready for that? Actually, was I ready to put on clothes yet? WOW! “Honesty?” He nodded. “I’m sort of comfortable being naked. I’d like to try to stay that way out of school tonight. It would really help me.”

“Then my place it is. Let me call Mama and tell her to set another plate. Then ask Margie if she wants to do an Outreach as well.” Damn. Okay, when did I start with the profanity? Oh, my Muse, I mean me, used it all the time. Cool. I’d forgotten about Outreach. It’s part of the Program where we’re encouraged to extend our nudity beyond the school into the world around us. Was I ready for this? Breathe. Trust? My Mountain? Yep.

“Okay. I’m game.” Sounding cooler than I felt. “Tomorrow night at my house?” WHAT! He nodded vigorously as he dialed his cell phone and I started dialing mine. We related plans to our families. He finished first as Jason asked me questions about my day. My Mountain started poking through my clothes, which made me loose track of what Jason was saying. Damned if the man didn’t wrap the sash from my dress around my waist and put my hat on my head. I felt more deliciously nude than before! Somehow, I finished with Jason.

“Bellisimo! Perfecto!” We gathered our stuff, including my painting, and headed to his car. The idea for my next painting of him rushing into my mind. My pussy, not my cunny any more, my pussy was beginning to drip at the image. And here we are, arm in arm, deliciously nude.

“Oh, what was the other mystery, My Lady?”

“We’re doing it, My Mountain.”

“Why mountain?”

“Big and strong. Yet, with wonderful, safe caves for me to crawl into. Plus, the thrill of climbing the peak!”

“And the next, and next…” I danced at his words. Did you know that Mountains don’t really dance? Yet, they’re real fun to dance around! Oh, he can sing, even if he doesn’t know the words.

My Mountain loves music. The inventory in his car was huge. Overwhelming! All types of Jazz, Blues, Rock, Classical in many forms, Show Tunes, and… and… and… When I couldn’t decide, he started Joe Cocker’s “You are So Beautiful” and started the car. While he was driving, he held my hand and sang it to me. Damn him. He made me cry. Not sad tears. Joy. He was telling me through music how he felt like I did through my art.

Note to self: I need to do a painting of me for Luis. Of me? WHAT! I’ll work on it. Maybe a photo for now. One step at a time. Hmmm… In the sash, hat, and some high heels. Yeah.