Chapter 5 – Changes

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What is happening to me? Luis is walking me from the lunch room. Obviously, the retelling of the Susan Story excited him. Junior was leading the way down the hall. Here I am with this lake between my legs. Every step and my boobs bounced, every bounce sent this really nice shock down and made the lake bigger.

Hey, I focus on my art, on my writing. Yeah, I rub my cunny every now and then to help me go to sleep. This is different. Every request just made things more intense. I welcomed the stares, the touches, the caresses. We made it to my Trig classroom before anyone challenged Man-Mountain’s presence to touch my cunny. Damn.

As I disengaged from Luis and entered class, my Muse let me know I should have drug him in with me.

“Miss Davis, do you need relief?” My Trig teacher asked.

“Yes, please.” Who said that?

“Would you like assistance?” Well, here I am having committed to having an orgasm in front of the class. Did I want someone to help me? HELL NO. Maybe I could fake one real quick and get it over with.

“Yes, but he just went to his class.” Who is talking? I managed to get my books down and sat in the chair at the front of the room. My observer noted the towel. Thank goodness. My hand was spreading my juices all over my out lips before I realized I was in front of the class. My other was pinching and pulling on my nipples. My outer lips spread as I opened my legs to the class. I started stroking my inner lips and opening them all the while my thumb had found my clit and was running it hard.

My eyes could not stay focused. What was left of my mind blanked out the class. Instead I saw Susan stroking Junior. No, I was stroking him. No, Junior was pushing into me, Luis was hovering over me. It felt gentle but so raw.

My universe exploded. I died. The Muse was celebrating, opening champagne – seems each cork caused another massive spasm. She was setting off fireworks, which is all I could see. A thousand people were cheering.

The observer noted people with towels cleaning up a big spill. Hands and arms helping me to my seat. Then the bell rang.

Somehow, I got into the hall. Luis was there. I did my best to snuggle in as we walked. A millisecond later, he was dropping me at the entrance to the Boys Locker Room. I think I said something about PE. I think he said yep, here you go, you have to use the Boys.

Well, that was easy. Just walk on through into the Gym.

We had a volleyball game that day. I didn’t even notice I was nude until I started coming down from my release earlier. My boobs bouncing everywhere. As I became more aware I noticed that most of the shots were coming my way. Amazing how having a naked target improves people’s aim. My muse let me know that every time my feet hit the ground after a jump I was landing in a better place.

TWEET. Game over. I started to follow the other girls into the locker room when one of my classmates pointed to the Boys door. Thanking her, I gladly headed that way. My cunny telling me I wanted to feel the fireworks again – NOW!

I walked into the Boys Locker Room and straight to the showers. The warm water washing over my body felt wonderful. Sadly, I had to soap myself up and only had a few requests for poses. Damn, where are the touches! WHAT! Oh shit. I’m turning into a slut. Somehow I got out of the shower without being touched. I found a towel, dried, put on my shoes, and walked out the door.

Luis was standing right there. I started crying. What is happening to ME!?!

“You’re doing fine,” I thought I heard my Muse say.


As I walked Rebbecca to her next class after lunch, Junior proudly led the way. Hey, the telling of the Susan story, looking at four beautiful naked girls, and walking with Rebbecca – would he want to do anything less? I tried to talk to Rebbecca, but the constant invasion of hands and fingers left me trying to keep from making a large puddle on the floor. That along with the reasonable requests of both of us, I barely got her to her Trig class. Then I had twins doing their best as I crossed the hall to my English class. God, four hands moving as if connected to one person. Oh, Lord, let this week come to an end!

Here I was worried about Junior scaring people. Well, as I walked into English class I learned. The Lottery Queue was already halfway around the classroom awaiting my arrival.

“Mr. Contadino. I assume you want relief. If not, then you deal with them.” Ms. Richard said this while sweeping her hand around the room indicating the queue. She had an interesting smirk on her face.

“Well…” I let my words hang as the class went dead silent. “Sounds like a good idea.”

She couldn’t help but laugh. “Let me guess. You don’t want assistance?”

“Hadn’t really thought about it.” I shrugged my shoulders. Yet, I couldn’t help the grin on my face as we played this game with the class. Talk about some anxious and antsy people in that room!

“Well, your options are self relief,” GROAN, “you can pick a volunteer,” hands everywhere, “or choose the Lottery.” Cheers.

“Hmm. Let me think.” I started slowly stroking Junior. Wow! Seems every eye in the place was tracking the movement of my hand. “Oh, let’s go with…” How long could I pause? “The Lot-” The singular shout of fifteen plus happy campers cut me off as the line moved forward to pick out a marble. Groans and disappointed looks accompanied every white marble pulled. It didn’t stop the losers from walking by and fondling Junior. He enjoyed it. The fourteenth girl through the line got the black marble. Okay, the scientist in me was tracking the numbers. I really didn’t know her. She sat in the back of the class and rarely participated. She was large framed with really comfortable looking padding. Someone I wouldn’t snap like a twig.

As she approached, the class started chanting: “Shashana, Shashana…” With the grace of Nubian royalty, she approached me. Her coal black skin already glistening with moisture from excitement.

“Hi, Luis! I have a reasonable request. I’m giving you a blow job.”

“Ah, yeah, sure.” There goes that Contadino wit and smooth manner again! She gracefully doubled the offered towel, placed it on the ground in front of me, and knelt with the comportment of a queen. Her hands went behind me and cupped my ass cheeks. Slowly, her mouth approached Junior’s business end. Her tongue came out, wrapping around him like a serpent as her head continued forward. Her lips surrounded me and her tongue went wild laving every bit of me in her mouth and still to enter! Without changing her Regal pace, she took me to the root. Her eyes were locked on mine while I tried to cope with this whole new feeling of a throat massaging the head of my cock. God, I must have been in her stomach!

She stayed all the way down for a few seconds then moved off of me at the same speed as she went down. Stopping at the crown, her tongue continued it’s magic. A couple of seconds, and slowly down again.

“Oh, Shit! That’s wonderful, Shashana! Oh, God!” There was no pause, no barrier when I entered her throat. Hell, she got me all the way in her mouth. This was new for me! The next time down, that magical tongue managed to lick my balls! I’m sure some sound came out of my mouth. What is was, you’d better ask others. I was a bit distracted. My first deep throat. DAMN! And, she licked my balls while I was buried in her mouth!

She sped up slowly on each intake. I had to put my hands on her head just to steady myself. I’d love to have a video with sound of this. That way I’d know what sounds were coming out of me!

God, she could tease. Almost enough, not quite enough with her throat and tongue and the speed. Then, she stopped on one withdrawal. I was ready to climb a wall, promise undying devotion, anything! Without warning, she seized my ass hard and slammed all the way down on me. Her throat and tongue going into overdrive. And she started humming! FUCK!

I tried to warn her. Nothing came out of my mouth except some growls and wails. My balls pulled up. Every muscle in my body contracted. My vision went black, with stars. I could feel the ropes pumping through my prostrate and into my shaft. I know I was thrusting uncontrollably, even though I was buried in her mouth and throat.

As I finished and turned into complete jelly, Shashana stood and wrapped me in a huge hug. I babbled and shook as she held and snuggled me. When my mind returned from it’s journey around the galaxy, I looked down and met her eyes. My mouth wasn’t working yet, but she could see the thanks in my eyes and beamed. I kissed her forehead, then her nose, then her lips. As I tasted myself, she tried to pull away. I hugged her and managed a whispered “thank you” just for her.

The class was applauding, even Ms. Richards. She had a glazed look in her eyes and the front of her dress was wrinkled as if she’d been rubbing between her legs. Vigorously.

I escorted Shashana to her seat, thankful for the support as my leg functions returned. Another thanks. I found my own seat and a very flustered teacher began class. I have no idea what was said or happened in that class. Note to self, get someone’s notes.

The bell rang and I managed to find the hall and Becca. No holding hands, we snuggled to each other as I walked her to her PE class at the gym. When I stopped at the Boys Locker Room door she had a confused look.

“PE,” I said.


“You have to use the Boy’s…”

“Oh. Yeah…” I was bent down so I could hear her. Before I could stand, her lips brushed my cheek with a quick kiss. It left a trail of fire and tingles. WHAT!?! I had just received the BJ of a lifetime and a slight peck on the cheek was igniting my being and soul?

She scooted and I headed for my last class of the day, Political Science. Since it was on the other side of the school, I was hustling. Note to self, when moving with speed and determination, not many hands found Junior.

Most people take Current Events or other such courses. Not me. Advanced Placement Political Science. The interest came naturally to me. My parents had taken Margie and I traveling every summer for as long as I can remember. Different continents, countries, and cultures. The way the world related to itself was a constant topic of conversation at dinner in our house. How do the different cultures within a country manifest itself in that society’s identity in the world. I loved the class because it helped me gain a deeper view, plus I planned on pursuing Poly Sci in college, at least as a minor.

With Junior temporarily happy, I managed to get to my seat as if it were a normal school day. That’s when it hit me, for everyone not in the program it was a normal day. Except when a program participant was near. For the next four plus days, the attention would be normal for me. After this week, my view of others in the program would be way different. I was no longer a visitor to Rome. This week I became a Roman citizen. Which means the way I act is how the visitors to Rome will judge Romans. “When in Rome…” Damn.

As soon as first bell rang, I hoofed it back to the Gym. As soon as Becca latched on, she started crying.

“What’s the matter, Becca?” She was working up to sobbing and people were leaving us alone. I had taken her book bag and art bag to free her hands. That’s when I realized she was no small girl, she was strong to carry all that weight all day long.

“I’m so confused, Luis.” The sobbing was calming, the tears had not slowed.

“Do you want to talk?”

“Not right now. I need to get to art. I need that time to think and sort it all out. It’s a safe place for me.”

I wrapped her in, close to my side. Hiding her as best I could as we headed to the Art Department. Girls appeared to respect my need to focus on Becca and the guys weren’t about to try to get through my human shield. Pax Romanus ruled. At the door to a large art studio, she turned and attempted to get her arms around me. She made it a little over half way.

“Luis. It’s not you. It’s me. I’m confused and just need to think. Can we talk later?” Her tears had stopped. She didn’t seem scared, just pensive.

“I finish with football at 6.”

“I stay here working on art projects and ride home with Jason. Why don’t you guys meet me here, okay?”

“Ah, sure.” More brilliant wit, wake up you asshole! You’re hugging a beautiful, naked girl. One who wants to be in your arms at the moment.

She whispered thanks and I walked her into her class. I wanted to get a look at some of her work. Just curious, I kept telling myself.