Chapter 4 – Midday

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I was shaking inside. I had just witnessed the most awesome – no, hottest thing I had ever seen. The observer was in overdrive trying to commit all the details to memory. It had been raw, direct, sex for sex’s sake. Pure release. Pure dominate male marking his harem. The energy was raw – primal. Intense. Overpowering.

The moral me was in terror. Watching this. The whole lottery. The pleading to worship this massive cock. Then the submission of this girl. Her joy in being marked in a most humiliating way. Subsuming her pleasure for his release. Becoming his property. She seemed two feet shorter than him. At least 200 pounds lighter. Her hands, together, couldn’t reach around Luis’s penis. That part of me was a bit angry.

The deeper me was more sexually excited than I had ever been in my life. I was going to leave a puddle when I stood up. I was leaving a puddle already! Well, this week is about extending limits.

“Mmm… Ms. Chin?”

“Yes, Rebbecca? Too late to ask for relief.” I noticed that she was flushed and had a couple of beads of sweat on her brow. That’s when the smell of the room hit me. It wasn’t just me making a puddle!

“Ahem, no, Ms. Chin. However, may I use the towel please? I don’t want to leave a mess behind.”

She nodded her head and tossed me the one that she had offered Susan. With the titters and giggles there was more than one “after that, I need one too!” As smoothly as I could, I spread the towel on my chair and sat back down. As the class calmed down and Ms. Chin started a conversation about the early 1900′s in the US, I tried to process what I had just experienced. The artist was thrilled. So much inspiration that it was going to take days to process it all. The moralist in me was horrified. I guess another word for the moralist in me is prude. The sexual me, that I was discovering today, was turned on and wanted relief. Wanted to loose the hymen and get a cock in me. It hit me that I had been a little jealous that Luis hadn’t picked me as a partner. Then I realized the prude hadn’t raised my hand.

I had never kissed a guy before (well, hardly) and I wanted to masturbate my Program partner? ‘Girl, you had better pick a more manageable one for your first time!’ Damn my muse, why was she in this discussion. ‘Just helping your art, dear.’ What? ‘Wait, you’ll find out.’ First time? What?

The rest of the class passed with me bouncing all around my head. I did know what I’d be drawing in art today!

I took Luis’s offered hand after class. It just seemed natural. I didn’t notice much or talk much as we walked to lunch together.

“Rebbecca, do you want to sit together at lunch? No one is supposed to bother you during break. Plus, I thought it would be good to talk about the Program. Maybe get some of the others to join us?” His first words sounded like an invitation to a date. I got my hopes up. Talk about the Program. Others. Dashed. At least he wanted to include me. Yet, I could see the logic of what he was saying.

“Sure. Makes sense.”

We got our food and saw that Paul had already staked out a table and was waving us over. Ginny was there, looking down. Stan and Rosalee were just sitting down as we got there. Paul waved Chris and Jane over, then sat. The school had three lunch periods, with this the primary one. Not surprising that there were eight of us there.

“Wow. So many hands, such little time!” Leave it to Rosalee. I think most of the guys agreed. We all laughed, though. Even Ginny, who wasn’t looking down any more.

“I thought I was going to die,” she said. “But, Paul really helped me out.” I nodded agreement with her, having a partner really helped.

“Luis?” He turned to me or should I say the mountain came to the little girl? Damn, that boy was big. “What did you do to that guy? You didn’t kill him did you?” That got everyone’s attention.

Looking around, Luis thought an explanation was in order. “Some dickwad tried to ram his hand into Rebbecca from behind. She screamed. I only removed his arm.”

Paul broke in. He wasn’t a small guy by my standards before Luis. “And screamed! He was mouthing off about going to the office and complain until I told him I saw the whole thing I reminded him of the concepts of reasonable and request.” He had that smile guys get when they’ve done something brilliant in their own minds. “Made sure he heard me by grabbing him by the bruise Luis gave him.”

“Well, you should have sent him my way! Too many timid guys out there.” Was Rosalee really a slut or just playing her game?

“I have to admit that the right person, at the right time, in the right place I’d welcome someone taking my cherry. But a stranger in the school hallway while I was so freaked I was dry as a bone?” Was that me that just said that?

“You’re a virgin?” Both Ginny and Rosalee asked at the same time.

“Intact, too. At least, I think I still am.”

“The bastard. I’m going to kill him.” Luis’s growl was quiet. Yet, it sent shivers down my spine. “Paul, who was it?”

“NO!” I was scared and horrified. “Leave him alone, please? I couldn’t handle you guys hurting him again.” I was shaking. I never been around raw anger before.

Ginny reached out to me and took my hand. “It’s okay, Rebbecca. The guys just need to release the energy. They want to protect us. Which is good. They are reacting right now, they’ll think it through before they do anything. For some reason, I trust these guys. I need to.”

“Rebbecca, don’t worry about it.” Chris looked at me. “Luis is not dumb. Look, he’s good on the field because he can control his emotions. He’s reacting right now, he’ll calm down. If he does anything, he’ll have a plan and he’ll have thought out the consequences. Now, if some bozo with a bruise on his arm about the size of Luis’s hand does something like that around me this week, all bets are off!” He winked at me.

Everyone started talking, speculating about who it was and what should happen. I looked at Luis while he was engaged in a lively conversation with Paul and Chris. I noticed his eyes for the first time, dark and deep. I guess with his size, very few people took the time to study his eyes. I watched as they went through various emotions. Yet, you could tell he was in deep thought the whole time. This massive hulk of a person was a deep thinker. Imagine. So much for jock stereotypes! I could also see his heart in his eyes. Compassion, a love of life, humor. No, mirth. When he laughed, it was from his soul.

Susan walked up. Sorry, strutted. My partner’s release was dried in her hair and in strips across her face. Her clothes were stained with it.

“Thank you Luis, you made me very happy.” And she floated away.



Suddenly every eye at the table is on me. Even Ginny looking at me in a bit of awe. Damn. Everyone was looking at me with questions in their eyes. Wait, this is High School. The whole lunch room, hell – the whole school knew about it now. Except for the others at the table. Well, Rebbecca knew about it. That just made it tougher for me to talk about it.

“Okay. I assume you want to here the story?” Everyone nodded and leaned into me. “For some reason, Junior…”

“Who?” Jane asked, perplexed.

“Junior. My cock.”

“Oh.” She turned an interesting shade of red.

“Small name for such a wonderfully big thing,” chuckled Rosalee. I’m sure there were a few more red faces at the table, including mine.

“Well, Junior has been getting a lot of attention all morning. With the Program, I figured I have a chance to gain some diversity in experience, if you know what I mean.” All the guys were nodding their heads. “Well, by last period, I needed relief. Badly. When I said I wanted assistance, there were too many hands, so I chose the Lottery.”

“You didn’t choose your partner?” Jane, Chris, and Ginny all asked at the same time.

“Ahem, she didn’t raise her hand.” Everyone looked at Rebbecca like she was nuts or something.

“Hey, I’m still getting used to all this.” Rosalee gave Rebbecca a look that said she though her a fool. Ginny and Jane seemed to understand, kind of. As they turned back to me, Rebbecca quiet enough that only I heard it, “I was too damn slow.”

“Go on, what happened? Why is Ms. Prim and Proper wearing your cum like a badge of honor?” Thanks, Chris. I wanted to get Ginny to continue, she had left off at a key place, I thought. Everybody was looking at me expectantly, though, even Ginny.

“Like I said, I chose the Lottery…”

“Someone, in class, said that he was the first guy to chose it.” Thanks, Rebbecca – go back to being shy! Damn, I didn’t mean that. Not at all. I was beginning to like this Rebbecca, a lot.

“Well, there was a line halfway around the classroom, including some guys.” I paused for a minute, maybe an hour, hoping for the bell. I looked down and said, “this morning, my greatest fear was scaring everyone with my cock. With the girls I’ve dated, the reaction I’ve gotten was fear when it got to that point. Being left excited while they ran away is no way to have a relationship. In the locker room, it’s the jokes and envy.” It flashed on me what had happened that morning, “I was beginning to freak when it came time to drop drawers. Then,” I took Rebbecca’s hand, “this sweet lady told me it was okay and to stay focused on her eyes. Becca, thanks. What did you think was happening?”

She turned a nice shade of red, yet held my eyes. Nice eyes. She gave my hand a hard squeeze. “I was thinking you were worried because you might feel inadequate about your size. Hmm, Junior as you call him.”

“That explains your gasp! Yet, you didn’t pull away. Thanks.” I squeezed her hand back.

“Oh, get a room, you guys!” Leave it to Rosalee. “Luis, get back to the story, lunch is about to end. So, you did the Lottery? Cool. I’ve used it each period so far! Never know what’s going to happen.”

“Well, like I said, I didn’t think I’d get many takers. So when I did, that’s the path I took. Well, the fourth girl in line won, Susan – I can’t remember her last name! She came straight at me, latched on with both hands, and went to town.” I slowed down at that moment, remembering and reliving the handjob was causing Junior to take notice.

Rebbecca noticed the pause and added, “What a contrast. Here’s Man-Mountain and a very petite girl. She looked 2 feet shorter and 200 pounds lighter than Luis. With both hands she couldn’t reach all the way around… Junior. Yet, she seemed… committed.”

“Then she started telling me how she wanted me to mark her, claim her. I was freaking a bit on that until she did something with her thumbs and I lost it. Hardest I think I’ve ever cum.”

Rebecca’s eyes glazed as she took over, “Luis closed his eyes, reared his head back, and this animal noise came out. It shook the whole room. Susan was nearly knocked backwards on his first blast. Hit her right in the forehead. Then it seemed she was using him to paint her face and clothes. It was the most intense thing I’ve ever seen.”

I watched Rebbecca flush, she was panting! Junior was definitely taking notice. “When I recovered, I tried to apologize. Damn, she was covered. Drenched. Yet, she looked and acted like she had just won Miss America and a Noble Prize at the same time.”

Junior wanted, no demanded, a repeat performance. A thousand questions started when the bell rang. Ah, on to English. On to relief!