Chapter 3 – The Fun Begins

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Luis took my hand, which I gladly allowed to happen. The halls filled with vultures and jackals sensing fresh kill. I didn’t realize so many hands could touch the body at the same time. My ass, my boobs, well – all of me, was stroked, touched, poked, prodded, and squeezed.

“OW!” Someone had turned one of my nipples almost all the way around. Luis’s voice rang out, “Reasonable!” He didn’t shout or scream, yet I’m sure it was heard downtown.

The touching didn’t stop, but it became more gentle. For the next 15 feet down the hall at least. Then someone, from behind, tried to ram a finger into my cunny. Not only am I a virgin, I’m still intact.

“Shit!” I screamed and almost doubled over from the pain as the finger tried to ram through my dry lips and push through my hymen. Luis’s hand left mine but was immediately replaced by his other hand. While I was trying to pull my eyes back into my head I heard a definite scream of pain and Luis growl, “That was NOT reasonable.” Then his arm was around my shoulders and he whispered by my ear. “Are you okay?”

“I am now, thanks.” Automatically, I moved closer to him. Except for the occasional pat on the butt, the touching stopped. I felt very safe in Luis’s arms. I could feel his energy and his power. Even after the unwanted touching and the pain, I found myself getting damp. I thought about what had happened. I knew at some point, something is going past where my hymen is. I couldn’t stop it. Frankly, I didn’t know that I wanted to stop it.

I looked up at Luis as we got to my class. “Would you do me another huge favor?”

“If I can.”

“Would you meet me after class and walk me to my next one? I’m just not quite ready for all the touching yet.” We were in third period together.

“I’m right across the hall. No problems.”

“Thank you.” I smiled up at him as he released me and held the door. I wrapped my artistic cloak around me as I walked into AP English. I’d observed these folks for three weeks. Now, let’s see what the “change of seasons” looked like! Yet, a very core part of me was thinking about how to solve my “problem.”

There were only ten people in this class. I guess very few people really wanted to study literature of the Victorian Era. Eight of us girls and two boys. Yet, the class was always lively. Mrs. Richardson had turned it into a seminar and did an excellent job of keeping it hopping and on track.

“Rebbecca, delightful to see you today!” Mrs. Richardson had a kind smile with a bit of laughter in her eyes. “Do you need relief today?”

I almost lost my cloak with that. I’d forgotten about relief. I was allowed to relieve my “tensions” in the first five minutes of the class. In front of the class. With someone helping if I wanted. “No ma’am. Not today.”

Class started. Except for the obvious but silent interest in my dress and a few outright leers, not all of them from the boys, it was like a normal class.

The bell rang and I tried to hurry out into the hall to wait for Luis. Mistake. I found myself trapped in the doorway. There was the usual groping and fondling, even some actual requests. I only wanted it to stop, get all the way into the hallway. Get to Luis. I did keep my legs closed, though. Lesson learned.

“Rebbecca, pose for us and open your legs.” So much for protecting myself. Before I could move the crowd parted in front of me. Luis was walking straight towards me as if he were the only one in the hall and I was his target. My observer noticed how people just moved out of the way, as if he had an invisible plow in front of him. For the first time, I noticed all the hands on him. Four grabbing his penis at the same time with room left over!

“Yes, Rebbecca. I’d love to see you pose.” Luis said this very gently while looking me in the eyes with a bit of a wink. “Why don’t we all give her some space. THAT was a reasonable request. An uninvited finger between her legs is NOT. Nor are trying to twist her nipples off.”

At that, the crowd did move back and gave me room. I weakly smiled thanks to him, then I tried to become an art model and pose, opening my legs and bending my knees a bit to give a better view. I was waiting for the next request when Luis spoke up again. How he could talk with that many hands stroking his cock – wait, did I just say that?

“Thank you, Rebbecca. Now, we need to get moving to make it to History class.”

There were a few grumbles and a few thank yous. He was smooth. I was so relieved that I didn’t even mind that this huge mountain with a monster of a hard cock was putting out his hand to walk me down the hall!

The walk to our first shared class was easier. There were requests and a fair amount of uninvited fondling, yet it wasn’t as bad as before and didn’t make me want to run away screaming. I didn’t like it, but it was becoming easier to handle. Or was it being with Luis?


Could that first walk down the hall been any weirder? Rebbecca’s near meltdown when the bell rang, then all the poking and prodding. No doubt about it, more people have touched Junior so far today than in all my life! I think HE likes the program.

Then some asshole tried to twist Rebbecca’s nipple off. “Reasonable,” is what I think I nearly growled. It did get better for about 5 of my steps. Then some dickwad tired to shove his fingers into her pussy from behind.

I reacted to her scream of pain and almost doubling over. I let go with one hand, turned, steadied her with my left. My right found the arm still between her legs. I wanted to feel his bones crushing, but settled for a nice screeching yell instead.

“That was NOT reasonable.” Let the asshole try to explain that bruise. I put my arm around her to check on her and asked if she was okay. She moved closer to me and let me know she was better. The walk to class was much quicker and easier.

When I dropped her at her classroom door she asked me to meet her after class and walk her to our shared class. “No problems.” Hey, Luis, you stud – way to smooth talk a real beauty and damsel in distress!

The walk across the hall did nothing for my hardon. I thought a little Freshman darling was going to join me for AP Physics!

“Thank you.” She grinned as she finally release me, turned and ran giggling to her friends. Must have been a dare, they were staring in disbelief.

“Anytime, sweetheart, anytime!” Oh, that made her day and her friends drop their jaws to the ground. Chuckling to myself I walked into class.

“Well, I see we have a splendid example of defying gravity today, class.” Thanks, Mr, Thomas, that helped a lot! Right! “Luis, do you need relief?” I thought about it then realized my only choice for assistance (something I was going to use all week) would come from one of the five other guys in class or the teacher.

“Not today, Mr. T.” Looking around the room I realized I’d heightened more than one inferior complex. I took my seat and we went into an intense discussion of gravity and its effects on star formation.

Class ended too quickly. This was my favorite subject and something I wished to pursue all my life. Then I remembered Rebbecca and a potential meltdown. I almost ran, but kept it to a walk as I heard a real, reasonable request being made. Ah, an opportunity to create a “safe space” and make my thoughts known on the reasonable caveat. Plus, it would give me a chance to look at Rebbecca. She was worth looking at. Damn hot! I had to wonder why she had always hidden herself.

I extracted her from her fans and walked with her to our history class. We chatted about minor stuff. I realized I liked holding her hand. Small, no tiny. Yet, it fit just right in my paw.

The walk seemed easier, although there seemed to be at least one hand on my prick at all times. Not just holding it either. Some definite pressure was beginning to build in my balls.

When we got to the door, our hands parted naturally and comfortably. It felt, well, right. I let her go first. Yeah, part of me wanted to check out her ass – it’s gorgeous. Mainly, my parents raised a gentleman. This was a large class. Over 30 people and pretty evenly split between the sexes. A little more than half the class was very happy to see Rebbecca. Over half the class was very happy to see me. Must be some switch hitters in this group!

Ms. Chin spoke from the front of the room. “Ah, the Program starts. Do either of you need relief?”

“No, not today,” Rebbecca answered and headed towards her chair in the back. I think I was enough of a distraction that she managed to get their unmolested. Watching her perfect, swaying ass just made me harder.

“Ah, yeah Ms. Chin. I could use some relief.” You would have thought cancer had been cured by the cheers and excitement. Didn’t look like there would be a problem finding help for my problem! After sitting my books down at my desk, I walked to the front of the class.

“Do you want assistance?” I felt like asking Ms. C., ‘is the Pope Catholic?’

“Please.” Before Ms. Chin could ask for volunteers there were around 18 hands in the air. Needless to say, not all the girls raised their hands and more than one boy had. I got a weird feeling when I noticed that Rebbecca hadn’t raised her hand.

“Who will it be?” She kept looking down at Junior. Did I just see her lick her lips? Damn.

“Let’s use the lottery.” This was something Dr. C. had started last year in response to one of the more beautiful and slutty girls going through the programs. Every guy in every class volunteered. The lottery was a simple way to prevent riots. I think I was the first guy to use it! Ms. C. counted out the white marbles, less one, for the number of people now in the line halfway around the class room. Those plus a black marble she put them all into an opaque jar. The line moved forward selecting their marble. The fourth person in line screamed and held up a black marble. Fortunately for me, she was all girl. The losers went back to their seats while she headed straight for my cock with both hands. She was a very cute brunette with short hair, glasses, and a huge grin – lust driven it would seem. She couldn’t have been 5′ tall. About a foot and a half shorter than me.

“Oh, goodie, goodie, goodie! All mine!” She was bouncing and giggling as she latched on to me with both hands. Neither came close to getting more than a little past halfway. She went right to it, stroking firm, hard, and just the right speed. She’s done this before! I started groaning with pleasure. Damn, that felt good after all the teasing and looking at Rebbecca. If my eyes could have focused, I would have sought her out as a visual aid. Sweetie on my cock started stroking her thumbs under my cock and pressing delightfully hard. Damn.

“Shoot on me, shoot all over me, give me your cum. Mark me, oh god, yes, shoot all over me.” She was ignoring the offered towel. She kept up her requests, demands really, for me to shoot all over her while making other interesting sounds. For the next two minutes, she never missed a beat. Most girls stop, adjust, shift, rest – not her.

“It… Won’t… Be… Long… Ah, shit, here it comes…” I had to shut my eyes and lean my head back. This was intense. All these people watching. This little darling wanting my cum all over her clothes and face. Rebbecca nude and watching me. I started a growl that came from my toes, my balls felt like they pulled up into my throat. My toes curled. The first spasm and shot felt more powerful than ever. Driven on by the sounds of joy and delight the girl jacking me off was moaning, hell, screaming. The first person in my life that had wanted to do this. Was in joy for doing it. WOW! I think I screamed with every spasm and there must have been 5 or 6 big ones. I couldn’t even count the small ones. I felt like my entire being was being pumped out of my cock. When it ended, the sweet thing was gently fondling my cock and cooing. I came back to Earth and looked down.

“Damn, I’m so sorry, I’ve covered you! Oh, I’m so sorry!” It was everywhere. In her hair, all over her face, her clothes, arms, and hands. Amazingly, I couldn’t see any on the floor.

“Don’t be silly. I’ll proudly wear this load all day! Thank you!” She smiled and rubbed the strands into her clothes, occasionally licking her fingers clean and savoring the taste. “I’ll do that any time you want, big boy!”

“WOW! Well, thank you. That was great.” I was searching my mind for her name. Oh, yeah, “Susan, that was really wonderful. The best.”

She positively beamed as she gave me one last, loving squeeze. “Any time, Luis.”

Unsteadily, I walked back to my seat. Junior receiving some very appreciative pats on the way. I noticed that Rebbecca had this wide-eyed stare going. Part lust, part wonder, part – I couldn’t place it.