Chapter 33 – The House is Rockin’

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I couldn’t believe I said that! He certainly is big enough to share, but did I want to share him? With just anyone? Anyone at all? Even Rosalee? Something we definitely needed to talk about. After this week is over. Before that, I needed to think about what I wanted.

I climbed down once the foreign hand was gone, took his hand, and started skipping down the hall, doing my happy dance next to My Mountain.

“I’ll be glad when this week is over and the requests are over,” he said. I couldn’t tell what he was thinking though.

“Don’t you enjoy people stroking Junior?”

“Well, yeah, when I have some control over who. And when.”

“What if I wanted to stroke him now?”

He stopped and turned me towards him, taking both my hands. “I’d rather we do that in private. I don’t know, it’s just too intimate to do in public.”

“Like we’re hiding?”

“No. It’s just… well, it’s a special thing. A way for us to show love for each other.”

“I can see that. But, sometimes, it’s fun to… I don’t know…, just do spontaneous things and not worry about others.”

“Hmm… Yeah. I can see that.” To prove my point that it can be fun, I reached down and gave Junior a loving squeeze. I’m positive he liked it and the grin on his face told he did as well. I released him and started skipping down the halls. “You’re a nut.”

“Yep. But, I’m your nut.” I did a twirl under his arm, smiled, and looked into his eyes. “I think we need to talk about all this more, but not now.”

“I agree. Besides, with all that has been going on this week, I haven’t had time to even think about anything.”

“And, tonight…”

“Yes. Tonight.”

“So, we’ll talk about. Later. I don’t think we’re going to have a problem.”

“I don’t think so either.”

“Now, on to lunch with the Nakeds!” Once again, I played Dorothy headed to the Emerald City. Except My Mountain was the brave lion, the smart scarecrow, and the tin man with a heart, all rolled into one very large package!

“What’s the rest of your day look like?”

“Oh, a meeting with the Wizard of Oz, battling a wicked witch, and such. The normal.”

Laughing, he managed, “No, seriously.”

I had to laugh with him. “Well, lunch of course.” I waited.

Finally, he said, “Yes. And…?”

“Oh, there’s this sporting event this evening. I might attend. In between, I’ll be working on a painting. Oh… I almost forgot, I’ve got to pose for Rashad.”

“Is that going to be a problem?” I could feel the concern.

“No. I’m hoping Rosalee will be with me. And, maybe I can convince Francesca to stay late.”

“Let me know.”

“You need to have other things on mind.”

“I know, but I’ll worry all the same.”

“Why don’t you come by after practice.”

“I was going to do that anyway.”


“Plus, we should have a short practice today. Just review the game plan, take everyone’s temperature, that kind of thing. I think the Haka is going to get most of our attention. We’re ready for the game itself.”

“You know… I love you.” I started dancing around him again, twirling under his arm, rubbing against him.


“Yep! Now, take me to lunch.”


“With pleasure, My Becca.”

Still chuckling, we made it into the lunchroom, through the line, and headed towards “The Naked Table”. The whole way, there were shouts of “Beat East!” and “Go Warriors!” mixed in with the normal sounds of gathered teens. In that mix was, of course, music. The distinctive voice of Lady Gaga competing with one of the hair bands being underscored by some mindless metal, head-banging shit. And then, a bit of sanity rolled through. A snatch of “Pride and Joy” by the boy from Texas, rest his soul.

I pulled up before we arrived at the table. All the other Nakeds had arm bands with my jersey number on them. A wave went down my spine. Part appreciation for the support, part shame for being set apart from the team. The appreciation won.

“Oh my.” Ah, the eloquent me emerges yet again.

“Feeling loved and supported My Mountain?” Becca damn near cooed. What was with her today? What’s with me?

“Damn!” It’s a good thing I’ve rehearsed the script for this week, else I’d be making a complete fool of myself right now.

“Do you want me to carry you to the table? It would be easier than trying to carry that tray of food you have,” she giggled as she patted my ass.

“Damn!” Get your shit together, Luis. Becca’s about to drop her tray she’s starting to laugh so hard.

We managed to make it to the table, trays intact. After greeting everyone and before I could sit, I noticed the people across the table from me instinctively lean back. Figuring it wasn’t me, I turned to see Jamaal behind me.

“How the hell do you do that?”

“I beg your pardon, Old Man. Do what?” Today’s accent was a clipped Upper-Crust, a bad mix of Mayfair and White Chapel, I think.

“Appear out of nowhere.”

“Very easy to do when you are as lean and svelte as I.” About half the table cracked up at that.

“If you’re svelte, then what am I?”

“It wouldn’t be proper for me to say, not with ladies present. Aside for our quite inappropriate discussion of your size, I am on a mission. I am to request a vote from you on a team matter.”

“And, that would be?”

“A matter of saving any more performances of the Hakka until the sporting event this very evening.”

“I’d vote to save it up.”

“So noted and recorded. Based on your response, I am directed to inform you that we will be abstaining from any performances of the Hakka until the evening’s contest. And, that the matter was decided unanimously.”

“And you needed my vote, why?”

“Because it was the only vote that counted. As it is, the rest of the team deferred to you on this weighty issue. It would seem they consider you more weighty than me. Pity them.”

“Seriously, one day you’ll have to explain what just happened.”

“Certainly, Old Chap. It would only be proper and good form. In the moment, however, I must communicate your decision to the others. Ta-ta.” With a wave that would have done the Queen proud, he vanished into the crowd.

When I sat, I noticed varying degrees of laughter. Some hesitant, not sure of what they had just witnessed. Others, struggling to keep from rolling on the floor.

Ginny, suppressing a giggle, managed, “Wha… Who was that?”

The hesitant laughers couldn’t hold back anymore. I did my best to try to explain Jamaal and then we got down to Naked Business. Margie was, as usual, completely prepared.

She explained the wrist bands. A quick display of wrists showed all the Nakeds wearing yellow. I was proud of the group.

Margie went on to explain how she had asked the sports teams, through the captains, to help enforce it. A quick survey through the morning had also shown that most of the school was already on board. Only a few times had there been issues and resolved quickly. I told of mine and how Jamaal had, yet again, appeared out of nowhere and handled it.

Dr. C joined us in the middle of this conversation. “You are aware that the school cannot sanction this?”

Before anyone else could react, Margie jumped in, “Yes. And, the school can’t stop it either.”

Dr. C’s head jerked around towards her, getting ready to get serious, until he saw her smile. “True. So, I think I can officially say the school hasn’t noticed. Ms Carlisle?”

She was grinning. In a near perfect imitation of Sargent Schultz from the old Hogan’s Heroes she said, “I see noth-ing! I know noth-ing!”

While everyone was laughing, I reflected on the week. The game kept creeping into my mind. I knew I needed to find space to get centered and then focused. This afternoon would be perfect. In the meantime, I consumed the mass of food in front of me and once again wishing the cafeteria would let my mother help them with the menu. Oregano should be like a small child, seen but not heard. It should delicately flavor the food, not overwhelm it.

And garlic. Where is the bloody garlic? I know it is cheaper and easier to use industrial sized containers of garlic salt, but…

Hmmm… when the family gets together, the food! Oh, and to think that Momma isn’t the best of the cooks, although the only professional. Right now, to have some my Aunt’s Ossobucco in Bianco with a side of risotto alla Milanese

“My Mountain?” pulled me back to the moment. Some leader and coach I was being to the Nakeds.



“You really need to work on your repartee. We’re discussing the Program, the Bet, and our role going forward,” I whispered to my distracted man. “Let me guess, thinking about your mother’s food?”

“Close, my whole family’s!”

“If it’s anything like your mom’s…”

“She’s not the best one of them. She’ll even admit it.”

“Oh, wow!”

“You’re invited to the next family dinner.”

“Can’t wait,” I whispered.

Just then Dr Cavenaugh cleared his throat, interrupting our private conference. “Pardon my interruption, I know I’m just a guest, but we do need to conduct some Program business.”

“Sorry,” we both said at the same time, which caused a few chuckles and giggles.

“At least we were just talking,” I said, which generated more laughter. I really am going to have to try to duplicate the color of blushing, olive skin. I’m positive the reflection of my own blush was changing the color of his.

“Sorry, Dr C. I know I’ve been a lousy leader this week.”

That started a riot of conversations, all supporting “Coach”. I patted his leg and happened to accidentally, I swear, to give Junior a squeeze as well. Damned if his blush didn’t deepen.

Oops. I forgot to let go!

“Actually, Luis, you’ve set in motion many positive things. Your team has done very well, although parts of it I cannot acknowledge.” That got a round of chuckles and people holding up their wrist bands. “I also have the advantage of observing Program participants and how they are moving through the week. Plus, how the other students are reacting to the Program. So far, except for a few incidences early in the week, this has been a very smooth week.”

“Well, without protection on our butts, and these chairs, it’s been a rough week for most of us!” Rosalee strikes again.

“What about your towels?”

“Well, for a tush that’s used to silk…” She held up her towel and emphasized the course terrycloth.

“So, are you suggestion we provide better towels?” Dr C was on the verge of laughing, but trying to take the complaint seriously.

“Well, only the best from the finest designers should ever touch this magnificent bod of mawah!” Rosa managed a haughty air and movements that would have done Veronica Lake, Clara Bow, Jane Russell, and the other movie vamps of old proud. It took about two seconds for other girls to start mimicking her moves. I even felt compelled to pull my hand off Junior and join the fun.

The guys around the table were nonplussed. I now have a wonderful image for a jaw dropping and hitting the table. Thank you Paul!

My Mountain shifted and pulled out his towel. Holding it up, “Personally, I have no problem with the texture-”

“You meditate on nails, no kidding.”

“My issue is with the puny size.”

“Is that about a one cheek towel for you Coach?” asked, of all people, Ginny. Which began a conversation about the approximate size of My Mountain’s gluteus maximus and the total surface area it covered.

“Personally, I think it’s quite cute.” Did I say that?

“I agree, it’s not only cute, but looks absolutely delicious!” Thank you, Rosalee!

“You know what they say,” Tim, self-professed theater geek asked. With a perfect pregnant pause.

“No, what do they say?” It started with one voice and ended with all of us responding.

“More than a wheelbarrow full is a waste.”

As the laughter and comments continued, My Mountain… I really need to figure out which colors to use to blend a blush into his skin tones. His skin is already quite the challenge. It positively glows in sunlight. Under artificial light, it shifts and changes as he moves. Lovely, yet very challenging. The lack of fields of body hair is something I never would have expected. I guess I have preconceived notion about Italians. I think body hair. Enough to make a weaver swoon.

Anyway, he’s sitting there taking the good-natured abuse, but not really responding. He did manage to move the towel to provide some basic protection of important places. Both on him, they do hang pretty low, and in case my hand movements produced results.

“On a serious note,” began Dr. Cavenaugh.


“D sharp?”

“A flat?”

“And, to think, I was about to praise this group for how mature they’ve acted this week. Alas, all I see now is snot-nosed high school kids.”

“I. Do. Not. Have. Buggers. In. My. Nose!” Thank you, again, Rosalee. She did lean her head back to allow everyone to inspect it if they so chose. Nope. She didn’t. Clear as a bell.

“I rest my case,” said Dr. C.

“Sir, think of this as pregame hijinks. Just the team letting off a little steam.” He does talk! It surprised me so much, I did give Junior a bit of an aggressive squeeze, which caused his voice to rise towards the “letting”.

“Coach, I expect you to have your team at the office doors on Monday morning, before we start announcing names.”

“No problems, Dr. C. We’ll be there, right?” He checked off each person with his eyes and got nods in return.

“And, hopefully this goes without saying-”

“We’ll gladly support the new victims, excuse me, participants in the Program.”

“Well said. Now, I’ll leave you to your ‘letting off’ and go get some real work done.”

“Afternoon nap?”

“Pushing paper from one side of the desk to the other?”

“Testing the rear lean angle of your chair?”

“World of Warcraft?”

“Coach, Monday morning.” His manner was loose, yet he held Luis with an intense stare. My Mountain just checked in with everyone again and looked Dr. Cavenaugh in the eyes and nodded.

“Well, don’t let the steam cause burns. Way too much exposed skin around here.” With that, he left us. Ms Carlisle remained, but let the quips continue unabated.

My hand remained on Junior and he has more than responsive to my explorations. My Mountain got a goofy look on his face as I explored, touched, teased, and manipulated this wonder between his legs. More than one person would look over at us, smile at Luis, and wink at me. Then look away, usually with a giggle or a grin. No one said anything though. Even Rosalee, although she was developing some serious fire in her eyes.

And that was having a definite effect on me. Well, me and my recently awakened horror-moans, treacherous things. How do people ever learn to deal with these things? One minute, I feel perfectly fine. The next, I want to jump everyone around me! Well, at least the man next to me and the woman on his other side. The other guys around the table weren’t so bad, either. Hell, the girls all looked rather cuddly as well. Oh! My! God!

Humm… Luis and Rosalee and Margie all in bed with me in the middle! Or-


“Oh, shit!” Becca’s stroking of Junior finally won and I made a rather large deposit on the towel, floor, my legs, her hands…

As the cafeteria slowly returned to focus, the table was politely applauding. Becca was redder than a fresh Roma tomato. And she was gently fondling Junior. Enough to be loving, not even to cause any distress.

“Thanks, sweetie. I think I needed that.”

“That was… unexpected. I was planning to tease you all during lunch and then, he was just shooting everywhere!” Her eyes were wide with excitement, yet there was something else. Shame? No, that wasn’t it.

I hugged her to me and gave her a gentle kiss. She melted into me, My hand now went wandering. Her legs automatically parted as my fingers began teasing her inner thighs and moving closer, then farther away. She started breathing heavier and with less rhythm into our kiss. Her hips started to move, trying to make contact with my fingers as they danced around.

She broke the kiss and pleaded, “Please!”

“Please, what?”

“You big bastard, please!” That was loud enough for the rest of the table to hear. With their encouragement, I went for the prize, The first stroke of my finger from bottom to top produced a gasp followed by a moan followed by a strangled shriek. My second trip, I made sure to circle at the top that generated some very interesting shudders. Her hand grabbed mine and tried to keep me circling her clit. Instead, I moved the finger down while two other fingers started drumming on either side of it. Her hips were going full speed now, the panting totally out of control, and her eyes were showing a lot of white. When my first finger dove into her very wet core, she froze. Then a scream started that never came out. Her head lolled back. Then the convulsions began. Mouth open. No breath moving. Muscles rippling all over her body.

When my finger inside curled forward and made contact with the rough pad in the front of her pussy, she convulsed a couple more times, then went completely limp.

I held her carefully, removed my finger, but continued to lightly stroke her lips.

“Wow!” Rosalee said.

“Damn, I want one of those!” Shirley breathed.

“You killed her!” Margie said.

“If she’s dead, she’s in heaven,” Ms Carlisle muttered, loud enough for me to hear. Envy? From Joan?

There was some discussion of rating the performance mixed with incredulity of how fast it had happened. Ignoring all the after-action reports, I pulled her into my lap, carefully, and let her sink into her cave.

Her breathing was shallow, but getting deeper. She’d live. Probably die of embarrassment when she comes back the world. But, no doubt, have a smile on her face for a while. Probably close to the one on my face.

“Okay… While the love birds recover from an unscheduled Relief Session-” Ms Carlisle started to say.

“Oh, so that’s what mutual molestation is called now!” From my sister, no less.

“I don’t think that was molestation. More like two soulmates expressing themselves physically.” I gave Shirley a look of thanks for that. I also noticed Ginny, Stacy, and Jane Chung agreeing with her.

“Anyway, children.” Ms Carlisle said with a mock nun-teaching voice. “This is the end of the week and all the Nakeds are in one place, I’d like to ask for your feelings, impressions, comments, and such about the week.” Rosalee started to reach for her towel. “Besides the towels!”

Why did I suddenly feel like everyone turned and stared at me? Was it because they were?

“Well, looks like I’ll go first.” At least that got a couple of chuckles. “As for the positives, I’m with Becca now. As for the negatives? A BIG distraction in a week when I didn’t need it.”

“No problems with being nude?”

“To be honest, I really haven’t thought about it since Monday. Well, not entirely true. I had some problems Wednesday at media day. I don’t like be set apart from the team that way. And, the issues with today and halftime at the game.”

“So, not really you being naked?”

“Except for the media day appearance. And then to have it receive national attention. Again, my issue was being dressed differently from the team. The effect goes beyond the Program and begins to work on team unity and cohesion.”

“Have there been any issues?”

“Fortunately, no. We’ve been addressing it all week. There have been awkward moments that we’ve had to work through. And that has distracted from what we really needed to be doing this week as a team.”

“Well, let’s hope it hasn’t distracted you and the team too much.” I just gave her my stare, the one reserved for obnoxious quarterbacks. The type that are all trash talk. It’s amazing how easily they become piles of protoplasm when hit from the blind side. Her eyes told me she couldn’t wait to get up and run the other way as quickly as possible, but abject fear was holding her in place. “Ah- Yeah. I-I guess not.”

I softened my features and let a smile spread across my face. “Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you. Just I’m a bit behind in practice this week, as I’ve been showing my behind.”

The napkins flew towards me on that one. Several hitting Becca and bringing her back to the world. “W-What?”

“Given the number of envious stares at us right now, I don’t think we’re going to have problems with people in the Program in the coming weeks.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, everyone sees us over here having so much fun. Laughing, throwing napkins, and such. Who wouldn’t want to be at the Naked Table during lunch?” I noticed something in Ms Carlisle’s eyes. “Okay. What are you scheming about now?”

She started when she came back to the moment. “Oh. Nothing.”

I looked around the table at all the males. “Okay, guys. When a female says, ‘Nothing.’, what does that mean?”

“Head for the hills.”

“I’m in shit so deep, I’ll never see the sun again.”

“A tsunami, earthquake, meteor, and nuclear meltdown are all about to happen. Right over my head.”

“Eh?” Paul really did look perplexed. Ginny whispered to him for a second. “Oye! Aye! The plague would look so good.”

“So, Ms Carlisle. Out with it. Please?” I got a chorus of pleases from all the males and giggles, snickers, and slaps to males from the females.

“What if we make these tables, in the middle of the cafeteria, reserved for the Nakeds in the Program and those that would like to join them, naked, for lunch?”

“Including teachers and staff?”

“We’ve already covered that.” Dr C’s comments from earlier in the week rumbled through my head. Okay, I understand.

“Yep, you’ve covered it well!” But, I couldn’t let it go without an editorial comment.

“Ignoring the ‘covering’ for teachers and staff, what do you think of the idea?”

Again, everyone looked at me. So, I took a silent poll by eyes. “We’re sold.”


“Yes, I’ll be here Monday, naked.” All the other undressed heads nodded as well.

“Good. And, once the pressure is off you, we can start working on the Bet. Okay?”

“Yeah. I’m sorry-”

“Bullshit!” “Don’t start!” And, I got slapped on my arms from both sides. Plus one slap from the Cave.

“Okay! I got it! Damn!” With the laughter came support as I made eye contact with each Naked.

Then the Cave occupant whispered, “We’re with you, My Mountain.”

All would be right with the world.

“So, back to impressions of the week. Rebbecca?”

I was expecting… I don’t know what. Panic? Withdrawal? Instead, I felt… resolve. Strength, as she began to speak.

“I started this week as, well, the hidden one. Practiced invisibility. I’m ending the week feeling stronger. More self-assured. Still, there are patches and places, but I know I can get through the rough spots. Plus, look what I found!” And her arms came around my neck and pulled me down for a quick kiss. That didn’t stay that way.

By the time I recovered, they were half-way around the table. Everyone seemed positive about the week. Some adjustments, Ginny most notably, but handling it. Plus, praise for the administration for helping out.

“The break yesterday, that was crucial. It allowed me to decompress, put things into perspective. Most appreciated,” said Paul as he nodded thanks to Ms Carlisle. Everyone joined in thanking her.

“So, as potential leaders for the Naked Program for the rest of the year, can you help people find a way to handle the adjustment period?”

Again, everyone silently sent their votes through me. “It’s unanimous. Yes, we will.”

“Excellent, and thank you. We’ll provide you all the support you need.”

“We’ll need it. Now, speaking for myself, I have some preparations that I need to attend to-”


I’m so comfortable in My Cave. I’m aware, even a part of, the conversation at the table. Yet, I’m in My Cave. And, I need to get some pictures out of my head. Oh, and… Yes, it is. A story!

“-this afternoon.” My Mountain’s voice rumbled. I felt it more in my bones than heard his words with my ears. Even over the cacophony of sounds from the rest of the cafeteria. My ears picked up bits and pieces of conversation and music. My Mountain has made me more aware of the art of music. It’s ability to bring joy, tears, happiness, confirmation-


“Yes, Becca.”

“Go. Tend to your needs right now. Know that I support you and love you.”

“I do. And, thank you, my sweet Becca.” The temperature in the room just went up about a twenty degrees! Damn.

When I emerged from My Cave, it felt good. The looks from the others was enough to make me happier. No jealousy, just happiness for me and My Mountain.

There’s that sunburn thing again. I wonder… Is there a magical lotion that protects the skin from the inside?

I stood and “helped” My Mountain up. He wrapped his arms around (and around) me and gave me a sweet, quick kiss. I hoped promises of things to come. We smiled, then he turned and began to apologize for leaving, but was cut off before it began with a unanimous, “Go. Beat East!”

Which caused a near riot of sound as the rest of the lunchroom joined in. Quickly, it fell into a rhythmic chant of “Beat East!”, which the Naked Table easily joined in with.

Hell, I found myself cheering along with the rest. Maybe a tad louder. Well, I was already standing, so maybe I caused a stir jumping up and down. The Girls were going to be sore tomorrow!

As strange as it sounds, watching those massive legs and gluts walk away, all I could think of was, “Cute butt!”

Rosalee’s arm went around me and she leaned in, “Cute Buns!”

I turned and looked at her and just giggled. As soon as I could get myself under control, I said, “That’s what I was just thinking. Except I used the word butt.”

“Yep. That’s more a butt than buns!”

Which got us both laughing. As we sat, still laughing, everyone else had to know what the joke was. I was glad Rosalee could tell them, as I couldn’t make my mouth work worth a damn. Great storyteller, girl!

As things calmed down, again, Shirley reminded us of her party Saturday night. The “Come as You Are, As Long as You’re Naked” party. We all promised to be there, except Ms Carlisle. I thought that she might really like to! But…

The conversations about the Program continued, just not as structured as before. I let it flow over me, enjoying the positives, noting the negatives, and just floating along. Floating… What a wonderful feeling. Lighter than air, the wind currents pushing you, yet able to control the wind. Absolute magick! Magick of old, not technology posing as magic. Magick!

I could feel part of my brain beginning stories, capturing conversations to integrate into others, and just absorbing the positive energy. Another part was recording images, impressions, and possible visual scenarios. Damn My Mountain, another, newer part was becoming sensitive to the music of people. Primal. Blues-Rock blend seemed to fit. I knew no one in that genre, so I needed to ask him.

Me? I was just floating. Enjoying post Cave Time. Somewhere in the process, the contents of the lunch room changed and settled for the last cycle.

And, I floated.

Rosalee’s hand patted my leg every now and then. It was a mix of love, checking in, and just being sure I was okay.

The floating was interrupted. It was time to head to my next class.

“Phys Ed? Want me to walk with you?” Rosalee asked.

“Sure! I’m still floating. I might need you to hold me down.”

“Anytime, sweetness!” she said with an evil cackle.

“You’re bad.”

“When I’m bad, I’ve very, very good,” she said in perfect Mae West. Hip grinds and all.

So, I’m off to see the Wizard. Again!

*** End of Chapter ***

Note: This chapter’s musical interlude is brought to you by Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble with “The House is Rockin’”.