Farewell, Ethel

Story Behind the Story

I’m often accused of not being able to write anything short! Someone actually said it takes me 5,000 words to say goodbye! Well, this story should disprove that. It was also a test for me.

Farewell, Ethel

I watched until she was out of sight. Not once did she turn and look back, boldly going forward into her new life. “Farewell, Ethel,” I mumbled.

She wasn’t a classic beauty, she came from common stock and could have easily faded into the crowd. Instead, she carried herself with the grace of a princess, belying the scars, some that I inflicted. With her head up, she would cruise right on by her detractors.

Usually easygoing and carefree, she could be balky at times. There were times I wanted to go out for the night and she wanted to stay home. More than once we stayed with the rather simple pronouncement that if she didn’t go, neither did I. There were times, once or twice, when she left me stranded on the side of the road after changing her mind. Those were the coldest days of the year to me. She wouldn’t gloat, though.

For the most part, though, she was low maintenance. A little TLC, a good meal, and she’d purr right along. No fancy power games for this one.

She wasn’t a fashion hog, her favorite covering was a fading green with no jewelery. A bit old, more than a little worn. On her, it fit better than high fashion and diamonds.

“Farewell, Ethel,” I said as she finally disappeared from sight. “Why DID you name her that?”

“It just fit,” my wife said. With a little sniff, “she was a good car.”