Script Frenzy and R&L Update

It’s almost April (and I didn’t win the Megamillions Lottery, damn it), so that means Script Frenzy! I’m writing a suspense/mystery this time around that has as a background American Le Mans Series racing. Should be a good one. Here’s the page counter (which should march steadily towards 100 through the month)

I had hoped to get chapter 35 of R&L out before Frenzy. Didn’t happen. Real life got in the way, yet again. I will, however, be working on it when taking a break from “Diary of a Perfect Being”.


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R&L Chapter 34 Posted

I’m happy to say that Chapter 34 of “Rebbecca and Luis” has been posted! The title of this chapter is “The Weight”, an interesting song from The Band – a rock icon of the 60s and 70s.

Chapter 35 is well underway. Already 1/3 done. It should be posted a lot quicker than the last couple of chapters. I promise!


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R&L Update

Just a quick note, before I begin celebrating too much (can you say Pub Time). I finished the first draft of R&L Chapter 34 tonight and I’m happy with it. Now, just a bit of polish and a few days with my team. Hopefully, by next weekend I’ll be publishing it.

To add to the celebration, I also finished the first drafts of two other writing projects (sorry, they are not under the Orblover name).

Now, off to the Pub.


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Impermanence – Reminded

It’s strange. A couple of days ago, I began thinking about one of the cornerstones of my personal beliefs. Impermanence. Specifically, I was thinking of the wonderful metaphor of the sand drawings the Tibetan Buddhist Monks do. The devotion to  task. The care they take to make each grain of sand fall in the right place. The complexity of the designs, all built from single grains of sand. Then, when they are done, they sweep it away.

Tonight, a former waitress at The Pub was in, before attending a concert up the street. Over the years, I watched and marvelled as she went from a shy, withdrawn girl to a wonderful woman. When she was walking to the concert, something happened. She was hit and run over by a car.

Suddenly, this wonderful person is removed from our lives.

So, the range of emotions happens. Loss. Concern for her husband of only a couple of years (they met and courted at the Pub while he was a cook). The anger of the stupidity of losing someone as gentle, warm, and caring.

Then the thoughts of the temporary nature of everything. Yet, the interconnected nature of all.

Josie, we miss you. Yet, thank you for teaching me (and us) another lesson in life.


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R&L Update and Appreciation

Chapter 34 of R&L is off to a wonderful start (already close to 2,000 words written) and these aren’t the scenes I’ve already done! I make no promises, but would expect something out before we celebrate 2012.

The comments and feedback on chapter 33 have been awesome. Thank you. The only negative (other than some people I’d love to convince to be on my editing team for their critiques) has been the length between chapters. Trust me, it pisses me off more than it does you!

I will never be like some online authors that post hundreds of stories, each of which could do with some level of editing and/or proofreading (or, at least some filtering! Damn – the same plot, the same characters, recycled a hundred times – get some counseling!). At the same time, I can’t be (due to other demands on my time) as prolific (meaning a couple of good novel length stories every year or two) as a cherished few out there.

For what I do publish on SoL and my own site, thank you for your wonderful feedback.

Now, back to Becca in the hallway after PE and before her art class…


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R&L Chapter 33 Posted

“Rebbecca and Luis” chapter 33 has been posted! Enjoy lunchtime with the Nakeds.


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R&L Chapter 33 – Soon!

“Rebbecca and Luis” chapter 33 is finally moving into its last stages. I’ve produced a draft I was finally happy with (thanks Becca and Luis for talking to me again). It’s been through the team for my “dumb shits” and I’m adding the lasts bits of layers, edits, and those little bits (where the team goes, “Huh?”).

I’ll be sending the final version out this weekend to the team. From there, it will be a fairly quick turn around with all the changes I’ve made in the last year to the publishing cycle.

Chapter 34 is coming into focus at the same time. From the original plan (written how many years ago?) the afternoon was to be two chapters. It looks more like one, now. It should be fun, stick around!

I’ve had more than one comment about “covering” the game. That will be chapter 35, as things stand now. Yes, there will be American Football involved. It will NOT be the primary subject matter of the chapter, just the event in which other things occur. I’ll be doing the shifting POV as always. Even though Rebbecca is more than passingly familiar with feetsball, her observations will, shall we say, be focused. Anyway, stay tuned.

The weekend is yet to come… Uhm, cum?


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