As a writer, one way to produce drama (conflict) in a work is the use of irony. Tonight, I was screening the movie “The Fifth Estate” and ironic is the very term that came to mind. WikiLeaks was founded to bring to light all the secrets of governments and corporations. Yet, to do so, it has to employ secrecy and deception. Yep, irony.

Back to writing (and I am, even getting some time with R&L these days).


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The 31st Edition of My 29th

Today is the 31st edition of my 29th birthday. A warning for the weak of heart or grammar police, I’m at the Pub while writing this and the Newcastle Brown is going down really, really well. On top of charred bovine muscle and fudge marble cake. Without candles – fire hazard.

And, the Ho-Down Show-Down is in full force outside the Pub. Ladies, just because they make Spandex clothing in your size doesn’t mean you should wear it. Are we clear?

Plus, the Zimmer verdict just came down. No doubt, stand-your-ground laws will be challenged all over the US. Having some version of stand-your-ground is better than having none. Will we ever know the truth?

R&L – believe it or not, working on it. The chapters I’ve written in my head and in notes all through the entire story for this set of events – and now hitting the wall. Too much detail of feetsball. Not enough about Becca. Is the theme I’m weaving… It’s throwing me. So far, on the “next” chapter, I’ve written over 40,000 words, and have a “First Draft” word count of 6,000 words (which if my scalpel were sharp enough would be a lot smaller). I’m pushing to not go “yellow”. Damn, that sucks. For me and you.

Well, back to the free flow of God’s gift to end… Well, whatever.

“Eric, a few fingers more of that wonderful Highlands nectar and perhaps one of those Monte Cristos hidden in the back of the humidor?”



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R&L Update

I’m alive.


And writing.

Tonight went really well. I got past an issue that has been blocking me for months (email me if you want to know what it was) and just rattled off 2,000 words on the next chapter in about 2 hours.

Better than that, I know where the chapter ends, what Becca and Luis are going to do to get there. Better than all that, Becca is talking to me again!!!

When will the chapter be ready? Well, a lot sooner than two days ago.

Watch this space for more info.


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Which Bond?

Ah, a question across generations. There have been eight actors that have played James Bond (including the TV program in the 50s) in 22 sanctioned films (and 2 non, including the TV show). Which Bond is the best Bond?

Who played the best James Bond?

  • Sean Connery (62%, 24 Votes)
  • Pierce Brosnan (10%, 4 Votes)
  • Daniel Craig (10%, 4 Votes)
  • Roger Moore (8%, 3 Votes)
  • Timothy Dalton (8%, 3 Votes)
  • David Niven (3%, 1 Votes)
  • Barry Nelson (0%, 0 Votes)
  • George Lazenby (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 39

Loading ... Loading ...

Thanks for voting!


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R&L Chapter 35 Posted

Chapter 35 of “Rebbecca and Luis” has been posted here and on



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R&L Chapter 35 Update

I finally made the decision that chapter 35, originally intended to be the entire football game, needs to be two chapters. When pre-game and the first half hit 8,000 words, my decision was pretty automatic.

Chapter 35 is in the final polishing (which means it has dropped below 8k words!) and will be off to my team shortly. Look for it in about a week or so. Just some light summer reading.

For those worried that the football game would be just… Well, just… Yeah. Don’t worry. Not only do you not need to understand American Football, you don’t even need to like it. The chapter focuses on the world in front of Luis’s eyes and Becca’s feelings from the stands. Hint, she’s sitting next to Rosalee!

So, coming soon, chapter 35. Not a summer rerun.


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Diary of a Perfect Being

In the reporting, it’s -30-. In geometry, it’s QED. In script writing, it’s “FADE OUT” or “FADE TO BLACK”.

28 days and 104 pages of script, I achieved “FADE OUT”! The rough, rough draft of “Diary of a Perfect Being” is in the can (and backed up in 4 different places). Along with some 30 pages of notes. But, that’s a project for the next couple of months.

Now, back to R&L. The football game is still in progress. Don’t worry, I’m not giving a play-by-play or getting into the technical details of American Football (Throwball, as an Anglish friend of mine calls it). Instead, Luis is focused on the few square feet of ground right in front of him. And Becca is focused on Luis. And Rosalee. And being naked in a crowd of the Clothed. And…

More later! For now, I’m taking a night off and relaxing.


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