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It’s Almost Summer

We had our first 90+ degree day today. And, guess what happened? My central air died. Joy, oh f’ing joy! All it needs is a simple logic board. Four screws to access, a few wires to unplug and plug into … Continue reading

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Bizzare Interview Questions

Fortune recently published a list of most ridiculous interview questions. I’m glad to see my former employer made the list! LOL Here’s the whole article. And a few of my favorites: Using a scale of 1 to 10, rate yourself … Continue reading

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April Fools

With the kids out of the house, I was spared the normal pranks (if you can call having the toilet seats Vasolined). Without have to check every nook and cranny and watch my step all day, I had the chance … Continue reading

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Bahrain F1 Back On

Despite what the media will have you believe, behind the scenes, Bernie Ecclestone has insisted testing continue on in  Bahrain and the race is back on.  As a concession to the teams, the FIA has agreed that they can re-enforce their cars … Continue reading

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Be Careful of Language

From Hagar the Horrible today: Be careful of the language you use! And, English is the perfect language to confuse any issue. Enjoy the day! Orb

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