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The 31st Edition of My 29th

Today is the 31st edition of my 29th birthday. A warning for the weak of heart or grammar police, I’m at the Pub while writing this and the Newcastle Brown is going down really, really well. On top of charred … Continue reading

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Which Bond?

Ah, a question across generations. There have been eight actors that have played James Bond (including the TV program in the 50s) in 22 sanctioned films (and 2 non, including the TV show). Which Bond is the best Bond? Thanks … Continue reading

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Impermanence – Reminded

It’s strange. A couple of days ago, I began thinking about one of the cornerstones of my personal beliefs. Impermanence. Specifically, I was thinking of the wonderful metaphor of the sand drawings the Tibetan Buddhist Monks do. The devotion to  … Continue reading

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Writing Frenzy, Frazzle, or Frizzle?

Need an excuse to not write? Hey, just ask me, I’ve got dozens of them! I’m almost to the halfway point with Script Frenzy (Screnzy as some have taken to call it). Act I of the screenplay is pretty well … Continue reading

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Bizzare Interview Questions

Fortune recently published a list of most ridiculous interview questions. I’m glad to see my former employer made the list! LOL Here’s the whole article. And a few of my favorites: Using a scale of 1 to 10, rate yourself … Continue reading

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April Fools

With the kids out of the house, I was spared the normal pranks (if you can call having the toilet seats Vasolined). Without have to check every nook and cranny and watch my step all day, I had the chance … Continue reading

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A New Site Design

Finally! I’ve been playing with a new design for the site for a while, but in the last couple of weeks I’ve turned it into a reality. The formatting isn’t 100% where I want it, but it will be over … Continue reading

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