Yep, an on-line pub. What’s next in cyberspace?

We welcome all. Writers, readers, and those the help the process of making words appear. Sit at a table, stand at the bar. Have a pint (or two) of your favorite (sorry, no light beers here). Enjoy a good whisky or a gin and tonic (no blender and we’re not sorry about that). Cigar? Bring your own or choose from one of our many fine selections. Don’t forget the food! Our chef will prepare your request fresh. No fast food here!

Feel free to people watch or join a conversation. Hell, start your own if you’ve got something to say! We only ask that you be considerate of the feelings of others. Attacking a position is fine, attacking a person will get you put into stocks in the lowest cellar.

About Me

I’ve been writing for most of my life. In 2007, I got serious about it. Rebbecca and Luis is my first serious, long story. What started as a simple tale, the characters have hijacked and turned it into something much longer as a tale of finding love and compassion.

In addition to R and L, I’m working on a series called Evan and Krista. More on them when the first stories appear.

When not writing, I’m a consultant that specializes in business strategy and the strategic use of technology . I also travel-a lot! The pic at left was taken outside Schipol Airport in Amsterdam. No, I wasn’t smuggling! I actually go there for the museums, the architecture, and to visit friends.

People ask my about my name all the time. I’m a Moon Child (cancer to some of you) so the moon rules my energy. I also love the Moody Blues song Nights in White Satin with the line Cold hearted Orb that rules the night…. I adopted Orb as my hacker handle in the 1970′s. It morphed into Orblover over time. So, now you know! There will be a test later.

About the Dragon

The Dragon guards the site from those whose motive is less than pure. He is a fierce beast that watches all. For the pure of heart, he is gentle, kind, and helpful. For the less than pure, he will drag you into the lowest recess of the dungeons and have his way with them!

I took this picture while on a business trip to Beijing. We had a break during lunch on day and slipped over to the Forbidden Palace to be tourists. This is the handle of one of the large iron pots used to catch rain water off the roof. Over the years, tourists have kept him well polished!

About the Hat

The hat, which appears now and then on the site, has been around the world a couple of times. Born in Australia, it made its way to a shop in South Africa where your’s truly purchased it. It’s got the dirt from five continents and 38 states in it. Like it’s owner, it’s showing its age. Yet, holding up well!

It has asked to be cremated when it is retired and the ashes returned to the Land of Oz (Australia). There it wants to spend eternity as part of the glorious Outback.

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