Diary of a Perfect Being

In the reporting, it’s -30-. In geometry, it’s QED. In script writing, it’s “FADE OUT” or “FADE TO BLACK”.

28 days and 104 pages of script, I achieved “FADE OUT”! The rough, rough draft of “Diary of a Perfect Being” is in the can (and backed up in 4 different places). Along with some 30 pages of notes. But, that’s a project for the next couple of months.

Now, back to R&L. The football game is still in progress. Don’t worry, I’m not giving a play-by-play or getting into the technical details of American Football (Throwball, as an Anglish friend of mine calls it). Instead, Luis is focused on the few square feet of ground right in front of him. And Becca is focused on Luis. And Rosalee. And being naked in a crowd of the Clothed. And…

More later! For now, I’m taking a night off and relaxing.


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