R&L Update and Appreciation

Chapter 34 of R&L is off to a wonderful start (already close to 2,000 words written) and these aren’t the scenes I’ve already done! I make no promises, but would expect something out before we celebrate 2012.

The comments and feedback on chapter 33 have been awesome. Thank you. The only negative (other than some people I’d love to convince to be on my editing team for their critiques) has been the length between chapters. Trust me, it pisses me off more than it does you!

I will never be like some online authors that post hundreds of stories, each of which could do with some level of editing and/or proofreading (or, at least some filtering! Damn – the same plot, the same characters, recycled a hundred times – get some counseling!). At the same time, I can’t be (due to other demands on my time) as prolific (meaning a couple of good novel length stories every year or two) as a cherished few out there.

For what I do publish on SoL and my own site, thank you for your wonderful feedback.

Now, back to Becca in the hallway after PE and before her art class…


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