R&L Chapter 33 – Soon!

“Rebbecca and Luis” chapter 33 is finally moving into its last stages. I’ve produced a draft I was finally happy with (thanks Becca and Luis for talking to me again). It’s been through the team for my “dumb shits” and I’m adding the lasts bits of layers, edits, and those little bits (where the team goes, “Huh?”).

I’ll be sending the final version out this weekend to the team. From there, it will be a fairly quick turn around with all the changes I’ve made in the last year to the publishing cycle.

Chapter 34 is coming into focus at the same time. From the original plan (written how many years ago?) the afternoon was to be two chapters. It looks more like one, now. It should be fun, stick around!

I’ve had more than one comment about “covering” the game. That will be chapter 35, as things stand now. Yes, there will be American Football involved. It will NOT be the primary subject matter of the chapter, just the event in which other things occur. I’ll be doing the shifting POV as always. Even though Rebbecca is more than passingly familiar with feetsball, her observations will, shall we say, be focused. Anyway, stay tuned.

The weekend is yet to come… Uhm, cum?


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