Impermanence – Reminded

It’s strange. A couple of days ago, I began thinking about one of the cornerstones of my personal beliefs. Impermanence. Specifically, I was thinking of the wonderful metaphor of the sand drawings the Tibetan Buddhist Monks do. The devotion to  task. The care they take to make each grain of sand fall in the right place. The complexity of the designs, all built from single grains of sand. Then, when they are done, they sweep it away.

Tonight, a former waitress at The Pub was in, before attending a concert up the street. Over the years, I watched and marvelled as she went from a shy, withdrawn girl to a wonderful woman. When she was walking to the concert, something happened. She was hit and run over by a car.

Suddenly, this wonderful person is removed from our lives.

So, the range of emotions happens. Loss. Concern for her husband of only a couple of years (they met and courted at the Pub while he was a cook). The anger of the stupidity of losing someone as gentle, warm, and caring.

Then the thoughts of the temporary nature of everything. Yet, the interconnected nature of all.

Josie, we miss you. Yet, thank you for teaching me (and us) another lesson in life.


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