9/11 Revisited

2001 was a landmark year for me.

  • January, my father passed away.
  • October, almost nine months to the day, my mother passed.
  • June, my wife of 19 years and I began divorce proceedings.
  • Late August, a car I had spent 18 months rebuilding decided to go off-roading, with me in it. Porsche 911s aren’t built for that!
  • September 10th, I flew to the Left Coast from the Right Coast for a business meeting. Two of the people I met, their company was in the World Trade Center. I spent a week getting home.
  • December 15th, my oldest daughter left my house to drive to her mom’s. In an 850 mile trip, with 100 miles to go, she pulled over after her Jeep overheated. Some asshole slammed into the rear of her car at over 70 mph, throwing her and the Jeep almost 150 feet. She was trapped in a burning car for 30 minutes with major trauma, aside from the 3rd and 4th degree burns on 45% plus of her body.

I’ve heard everything. I’ve practiced all that my spirituality shows me. Yet, 10 years later, I hold one concept very hard to my heart. The day after 9/11, we should have taken down every metal detector in every airport in the US. Instead, we took away lighters and matches and small pocket knives. Oh, and scissors and mouth wash and…

My anger? Exactly what has the Patriot Act and Homeland Security done? Other than strip us of freedoms and dignity?

As Mr. Franklin said, those that are willing to trade freedom for the appearance of safety deserve neither.

May the spirit of the passengers of Flight 93 be reborn in this country. “Let’s Rock!”


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