“Temporary Roommates”

Wow! Thanks for all the feedback on this short story. I really appreciate all the generative comments, which, as a writer, I seek to make me a better one. All the feedback I’ve received so far as been very generative.

To answer the number one question asked, “Yes.” This was the genesis of a series which I’m still working on. I’ve made reference to it on my ASSTR pages, a series of stories called “Evan and Kate”. They’re an interesting pair. Mark in “TR” is Evan in the new stories. Kate is his wife. While Evan and Janie are in bed, Kate calls. We discover that Kate is with her current Boy Toy and… Oops. Too much information!

Let me just say that the story evolves. And spans the world. Including a trip to Oz by both Evan and Kate to visit Janie. Oh, and, yes, there’s rugby involved (Evan plays in a sevens tournament while on Mauritius).

I’m not even going to start posting this until R&L is done and I’ve fleshed out the series further than it currently is. To date, it includes stops in Mauritius, Perth, Melbourne, Crete, Malta, Scotland, and many places in the US. Oh, and inside the Arctic Circle (snuggling is not optional). I’m still exploring various hooks to tie the stories together.

And, nope, no prologue where the guy gets a call about someone’s death while an unknown wife consoles him! Somebody already did that.


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