It’s Almost Summer

We had our first 90+ degree day today. And, guess what happened? My central air died. Joy, oh f’ing joy! All it needs is a simple logic board. Four screws to access, a few wires to unplug and plug into the new board. You know what? A homeowner can’t buy the board. Only licensed HVAC contractors can buy the board. For a mere $180 service fee and $350 for the part, they’ll do it. The part costs $115 and takes 15 minutes to replace. I did without A/C today and ordered the part. System will be up and running by 11am tomorrow. For $135 (overnight shipping).

I agree with Lazlo Zalezac, our “Service Society” really sucks.

To lighten the mood, I offer:

Such a wonderfully uncomplicated man!

Well, back to writing for me, now that the temp in the house is below boiling.


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