Writing Frenzy, Frazzle, or Frizzle?

Need an excuse to not write? Hey, just ask me, I’ve got dozens of them!

I’m almost to the halfway point with Script Frenzy (Screnzy as some have taken to call it). Act I of the screenplay is pretty well done. Act II is… Well, it’s… Not there. Act III is actually in fairly good shape. The ending has already been written. I’m just facing that point that I face in every story I write, no matter the medium.

I’m bloody stuck between my desire to write and my fear of writing badly. I know that I need to just power through and write the 50+ pages of Act II and be done with it. After all, this is just a first draft. The real work of editing can happen in May (actually, has to happen in May due to some deadlines).

I’m also a bit stuck on Friday Lunch with R&L. I know the things that need to occur, be revealed, and/or discussed in the chapter. It’s how to make it entertaining. I guess that’s the right word. The last thing I want is the chapter to become a bunch of kids sitting around a table talking. Boring. I’ll get over it.

Actually, writing like this about these issues, it makes it much easier to go back and just power through it. File off the rough edges when I’m editing. That’s the thing I miss about writing starting with paper. Then I would just dump the story or chapter out of my head. When I entered into a word processor, I’d do my first round editing. Now, when I’m sitting at the keyboard, I feel I should be editing as I write. I did it that way for many years, hard habits to break.

So, back to the keyboard. I have Celtx (www.celtx.org), my screenplay writing software opened to “Closing Time”. I have Open Office up with R&L Chapter 33, another window opened with “Around Alone” (a novel), and another window with notes of a story that keeps raising it’s godawful head at least twice a day. No name. No plot. Just the opening scene and a damned good idea of the backstory of the main character.

So, past the Act II block. Right? Right! The waitress just needs to slap the shit out of the cook. She’s preggers you see and it’s past closing time for their relationship! And the first date couple has to have their first kiss. A real toe curler. And the owner and his wife just have to have a private moment to talk about retiring and selling the place. And the politician who recently lost his wife needs to borrow one of the kitchen knives and go into the alley…

Block? What block!

Thanks for listening.


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