Screnzy Day 6

I’m ahead of the game at 26 pages, but I made a boo-boo Monday and Tuesday. Okay, a couple of major league screw ups.

First, I started editing. One can write or one can edit. One cannot do both within the same time period because different parts of the brain are involved in a very mutually exclusive way. One is about order, the other chaos. So, this slowed my pace down, but I will make 30 pages by Friday. Easy. At least I keep telling myself that.

Second… Oh, the shame. The horror. The inhumanity! I actually, gasp, deleted scenes. Not moved them around and put them on the “junk pile” at the end of the script, but actually deleted them. Sent them to the Big Bit Bucket in the Sky. A total of 4 pages of script, damn it. I’d be at 30 now had it not been for that.

I finally came to my senses. Even confessed to my writing group. They were kind, sympathetic even. After, of course, they let me know exactly how much of an idiot I had been.

Now, as soon as a handle a couple of quick projects that tend to pay the bills, I’ll be back to the frenzy.


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