Screnzy Day 2

O. M. G.

Perhaps I should add a few exclamation points after that?

Why, you ask?

A little over 48 hours into Screnzy (Script Frenzy) and I’ve broken 20 pages. To hit the target of 100 pages, I only need to achieve 3.3 pages a day.

So, celebration time?



The easy stuff is done. I’ve been planning this screenplay for a while. Characters have been developed. Plots outlined. I’ve played with the opening and closing scenes in my head for months. The critical scenes (as I see them now) are already banging around. In the last two days, all I’ve done is put those out in script/screenplay format.

I have about 2-3 more days of “doing the easy stuff” before things get… tense.

Then it will be days of moving scenes, tweaking words, and staring at the walls looking for… Well, looking for the next thing.

So, yeah, OMG. I’m so far ahead at this point. And, oh so scared about that.

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