April Fools

With the kids out of the house, I was spared the normal pranks (if you can call having the toilet seats Vasolined). Without have to check every nook and cranny and watch my step all day, I had the chance to enjoy the online pranks. Some excellent ones appears on the Web today.

Groupon – the company announced today that they have patented April Fools day and are going to be enforcing their patent.

Thrive Software – announced they are now a pharmaceutical company and were releasing a pill to cure shopping addiction.

US Army – yes, the US Army got into today. They announced new standard headgear by Stetson.

Google – surprise! Although called uninspired, they were worth a laugh including the GMail motion system.

Toshiba – they were busy and put out a few interesting products including a 3D monocle, a laptop for dogs, and an inflatable laptop.

Kodak – a relationship manager for your photographs!

I hope you each had a wonderful, and safe, Day of Fools! Feel free to share with me any interesting finds you had.

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