St. Patrick’s Day Update

Ah, St. Patrick’s Day… Have fun guys! Me? It is one of two days I easily give over to the amateurs and stay at home.

“Oh, you’re no fun!” they say. What? Drinking cheap beer with green food coloring is fun? Celebrating the guy that brought guilt and shame to Ireland is fun? Pretending to be Irish is fun? Nothing against the Irish, I love the people and the culture, but I ain’t. Yep, I’m a Celt (raised by an Italian), but my roots go back to Scotland and Wales, not Ireland.

I’m proudly wearing Orange today. So, nope, I’ll let you guys have the day. Have fun. Oh, and watch out for our friends in law enforcement. They are out in droves! This is “Make Your Quota for the Year” Day for them.

As for writing. R&L’s next chapter is doing well. Not as well as I’d like (or you, for that matter). But it will be to my team (if not you) before April.

I’ve been focused on redoing the website. Soon, an all new version will show up (think April’s Fool, hint, hint). The design is consistent throughout (the News section will no longer look differently) and it is much easier for me to post stories to, which means I won’t have that excuse any more. Damn it.

In the process of working on the site, I’ve been writing WordPress plugins, themes, and templates that will support easily submitting new stories, adding chapters, and the like, as well as you navigating around the stories. More on this later. However, if you have WordPress experience, contact me! If you’re an author with a WP-based site and are interested in making your life easier, contact me.

More coming! In the meantime, remember my motto: If I wanted to eat or drink something green, all I need do is open my fridge!



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