Script Frenzy 2011

Forty-seven hours away until I start writing for Script Frenzy this year. Unfortunately, with three websites to do for clients (and the relaunch of this site), poor Becca and Her Mountain have taken a backseat.

I understand this is a good thing, as they’ve been off enjoying the protracted ski season in the Alps. Amazing how much a BCS Champion football coach gets paid these days, not to mention a very successful artist. My spies tell me that Luis has also spent time at CERN doing something with Hadrons. The math escapes me.

The good news is I’ll need a break from my screenplay writing and guess what I’ll be doing to fill the time? Yep, more R&L. Can’t leave people hanging just before lunch on Friday, just before the Big Game and a weekend full of exploration, discovery, drama, and fun!

More as it happens!


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