A New Site Design

Developing the New Site

Finally! I’ve been playing with a new design for the site for a while, but in the last couple of weeks I’ve turned it into a reality. The formatting isn’t 100% where I want it, but it will be over the next couple of weeks.

The good news is the amount of time it will take to add a new chapter of R&L dropped from hours to minutes! Not to mention adding other stories and poems. And, I’m likely to post more to the news area. Oh, and how easy it will be to extend the links!

Yes, I’m constructively lazy. I’ll work 16 hours a day to find a way to save an hour a day over a year.

I’m going to be making the extensions to WordPress available to other authors if they would like. While I’m not trying to commercialize this, donations to help with the Infamous Bar Tab (see Nick Scipio’s forum) are always welcomed!

Now, back to our main even, me writing.

Given it is a week to Script Frenzy time, I will be working on R&L’s next chapter, but focusing on what I’m going to turn out for Script Frenzy more. We’ll have to see where I end up.

When I’m programming, it is hard to write. When I’m writing, it is easier to write more. So…

Thanks for putting up with the changes and reading my stories!

You folks are great!


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