A Bit of Political Humor

I follow Pogue at the New York Times. Not a bad guy, a bit confused at times, but mostly a good guy. He’s written about the Twit/Tweet/Twat phenomenon recently (Twat – past tense of tweet). Here’s a follow up, where all he did was report an upcoming meeting between some IT industry bigwigs and the President (yes, of the US):

My Twitter post was this:

“Whoa. Steve Jobs, Eric Schmidt, Mark Zuckerberg to meet with Obama, 2/17: http://abcn.ws/fbrlU8.”

Man, did my Twitter followers have a field day with that one; I hadn’t realized that “Jobs, Schmidt, and Zuckerberg meet with the President” is practically the setup for a joke.
Take it away, gang!

* He just wants to ask them why he can’t update his Facebook privacy settings via his iPhone without Googling for a hidden link. (@designhawg)
* Fundraiser for Chinese debt? (@hust0058)
* But those are the guys who DON’T need money! (@GregMaltz)
* Zuckerberg will have to break out his dress hoodie. (@RodneyRamsey)
* Wonder if they’ll “check-in” to Whitehouse? (@soniachung)
* (Jeopardy buzzer)…who are four people who have never been in my kitchen? (@Lifeisamitch)
* peace summit? (@lisafleisher)
* What a meeting. Would love to be a fly on the wall, or a cookie on a computer (provided they’re enabled). (@brillhart )
* Obama is going to break the news. “Any wealth over 100 Million, we will take 95% of it…” (@soesahead )
* Notably absent from the meeting: anyone from Microsoft. Remember them? (@whirledworld)
* Finally, the most powerful men in the world, and the president, are getting together. (@dmj)
* I guess Ballmer gets his own meeting! (@reidg)
* I’ve never had such Presidential envy! (@toristory)
* Applying for a loan? (@jordanlinn)
* Best dinner party ever. (@FredPerrotta)
* Waiting for the punch line… (@blackfeathers)
* Where is my invite? (@Dataist)

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