My apologies. Almost 2 weeks ago, one of my customer’s sites got hacked. I worked diligently (while drinking their ale) to solve the problem. Turned out that someone had broken the security of the web hosting company I use for my non-commercial sites (like this one – it’s cheap – the only limit is total bandwidth which is on the other side of huge). Well, I had checked this site and the others as well (I host a couple of other writers and a few artists). Nothing blatant.

Then, tonight, I went to make a blog entry for the News section. I couldn’t get to it. Then, randomly, I was being redirected to crap sites (that my Firefox security was blocking). Well, I found a code injection. Not a surprise. The fact it didn’t change the modify dates was. I killed the entire site and reloaded the blog, except the themes (I’ve done a slight bit of work there and didn’t want to lose it).

Even with that, it still was happening. Even on the main part of the site. After carefully walking through everything, I found over 217 individual infections in the site. Of course, in the themes. And my own code.

Well, it’s fixed.

And, tonight, I was going to spend writing.

Chapter 32 is well underway. Some really good stuff in it. A bit more to do. A warning, though, it’s going to longer than the last few chapters. Oh, damn!

Be well, and F**K spammers.


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