An Error

Oops. I was going to post this before the previous one (yeah, damned hackers, may they be confined to listening to bad, redneck Karaoke for the rest of eternity). I screwed up. An error in a character’s name. Someone pointed it out to me. I behaved… Well, more like my Ex than me.

My sincerest apologies.

I’ll edit and update the chapters, soon. But, Phil is the name of the quarterback and co-captain. Not Paul. Paul, of course, being the gentleman from southern Africa who is partnered with Ginny (more about them later).

Now, back to plotting East’s demise, Susan’s schemes, Rashad’s part in life, how the Nakeds are changing the Program, and trying to articulate what a proper Haka looks like in the hallways of the school! Oh, and when is Becca getting laid? And, when are Becca and Rosa getting together? And…


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