The Haka

I’ve made reference to a Maori chant called the Haka.  A few people have asked about it.  So, here goes.

It is a rhythmic dance performed by a group with coordinated and vigorous movement accompanied by a chant.  It is not always a war dance and not always performed by solely by men.

The most famous Haka (which is the plural and singular) most people are aware of are the Haka the New Zealand All Blacks (the National Rugby Club of New Zealand) perform prior to a match as a challenge to their opponents.  Not to mention the intimidation factor.  There are many great examples out on the Net.  Two recent examples are:

  • All Blacks v Ireland in the 2007 Churchill Cup:
  • All Blacks v England in 2004.  This one is good because the subtitles have a translation:

I was recently informed, and haven’t seen it, in the new Hawaii 5-0, they have a football team doing in.  How kewl is that!


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