Finally, I got around to correcting some minor XHTML errors in the site.  That means nothing to most people, but now the pages will validate as XHTML 1.0 Strict.  Even the crap that PayPal gave me to include for the donate button.

Update on Chapter 30 and Chapter 31.  Chapter 30 is done, complete, edited, just not formatted for the Web, yet.  Chapter 31 is well underway.  There are two things keeping me from posting Chapter 30 at this moment.

First, that Skip Nickio character, purveyor of some tale named “Summer Camp” is poised to release a chapter in the very near future.  Sorry, I’m a realist.  I don’t compete with Nick, excuse me, Skip.

Second, the chapter has a… cliffhanger at the end.  Imagine that.  Me?  Do that?  So, I wanted to make sure that Chapter 31 would not be in any way shape and/or form be delayed (including me writing it).  As it turns out, 31 is going to be a short chapter.

So, the combined waits is such that you’ll get two chapters instead of one.  Just not at the same time!

I promise a November release.  Before Turkey Day!

Final piece of housekeeping.  I’ve realized I forgot to post 29 to ASSTR!  My apologize.  This will be corrected within 24 hours.

Thanks for reading!


(Who is not doing the insanity of NaNo or whatever it is)

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