The Weekend from Hell

I’ve run into the weekend from creative hell, or at least editing hell.

- The inaugural Korean F1 GP (and, damn, I loved the outcome, but lost places in my fantasy league). Fernado taking P1 and the lead in the driver’s championship and sharing the podium with Masa, excellent. But, I had, predictably, put him in third behind Mark and Seb. Neither finished the race.

- A damned important college football weekend (yet another #1 AP team goes down – worse, my Jackets lost in a complete coaching failure). You won’t see this reflected at Friday night’s game in R&L. That is, if Luis makes it that far (okay, a hint about the next chapter).

- Saturday:
– My Lady G and I attended the local Celtic Festival (the whisky tasting was excellent, not to mention the Murphy’s Stout). Oh, and the Scotch Eggs and Haggis were definitely up to par. The Pros had a really nasty caber, though. Only two broke the plane.
– Then the annual German Club’s Oktoberfest (Wersteiner this year, not Paulinger, but damned good). Yes, I know the Chicken Dance. Some real Knock and great pretzels. Oh, and the Um-pah music. Did I mention the beer? In the hours we were there, the poor beer guy had to replace 23 kegs. Yes, I counted.
– I understand my LG and I ended up at her “local”, a redneck establishment. I was there. I remember it, but our stories differ. Of course, she’s right. Right?

Regardless, last night I had some brilliant ideas about some short stories… Before falling asleep before the end of the rain delayed F1 race (I recall 15 laps before the end, or was that 25 laps?), I didn’t write them down. I asked my wife, through the haze at one point, to remind of of something specific. Tonight she did. She said, “Easy Lover” and I went, “WHAT? Phil Collins?” Well, I remember, after a bit of the hair of the dog, and have spent the last three hours writing notes for…

– The Song Title Series – not that anyone would be surprised, but songs inspire me. And, yes, I found the lyrics of “Easy Lover”, particularly the first verse inspiring. My goal is a set of short stories, tightly plotted with great characters, drawn from story titles or lyrics. “Simple Man” and “I Can’t Drive 55″ immediately went into the hopper.
– The Politics of Indifference – okay, this is dark on the surface. In this age of apathy (yes it is, just look the fuck around for people willing to stand and be counted in a generative way), the series will focus on romance (yes, I tend towards this, because romance and love is the most generative force in the universe). More to say later. These might appear in the mainstream, FineStories, or on SOL. “The School Board” is the first story I’m developing.
– In a complete and total departure, yet not a stretch given my background and the authors I love, I present “Moon Colonization” – and not the way you think. No governments, corporations being incented by a private foundation to achieve steps with prizes… No more details. I might actually sell this one.

So, back to R&L.


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