Chapter 29 of R&L Posted

Yes!  I made it.  I made a promise on Friday that the chapter would be posted this weekend.  Well, it is a Federal Bank Holiday, and my last “real” job was in the financial sector (and my Lady G works at a Bank), so it was a three day weekend!

Had it not been for the Richmond Folk Festival, a Formula One race that was… intense, and, of course, college football (Go Jackets!!  And, To Hell With Georgia!) the chapter might have made it out yesterday.  And, well, I fell into Jay Cantrell’s “Daze in the Valley” – an excellent story so far.  And, Doug Fox released a chapter of “Lost and Found” and Lady G wanted to go shopping, and there was this pitcher of British Ale…  Or was that 3?  4?

Aside from that, I made it.

Welcome to another chapter in the life of My Mountain, Becca, Junior, Rosa, and the Nakeds.  I hope you get the flavor of a high school pep rally through Becca’s eyes, a novice.  And, oh, resolve that little cliffhanger at the end of 28!

Enjoy.  I had a great deal of pleasure writing it.  I have to give extra credit in this chapter to BarBar.  I sent him/her (wouldn’t you like to know?) early versions and received incredible feedback around pacing and the blending of art into the story (if you’re not reading BarBar’s Bec series, you should be flogged, not to mention BarBar wrote the bestest NiS story in “Suellen”).

Some sad news.  Turbo, who has been a major help to this point, has bowed out.  He’ll help on proofing my stories, but I’ve been using him since chapter 11 for stylistic help.  He says that I’ve passed him.   I don’t know how.  I love normally aspirated cars.  Anyhow, I’m searching for a new “editor” – someone that can be there for bouncing my idiotic ideas off of.  Have conversations about style, pacing, flow, plot, and such.  I’m offering roughly a 100% raise over what I was paying Turbo.  BTW – one of our mutual bar tabs, which I really don’t remember who picked up, would have cleared the national debt.

Again, enjoy the chapter.  Feedback is always welcome and hugely appreciated.


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