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I’ve had more than a few comments about the chapter titles and the contents of the chapters. Here’s the story as best as I can tell it. When I plotted out this story (after Part One), I realized that I was associating the various parts of the storyline with songs.

It might be a line, a musical phrasing, or what memories or feelings a particular performance of the song triggers, but it has meaning to me. Sometimes, as the chapter unfolds, it is obvious (beyond a casual reference to Luis playing it!). Feedback tells me that it isn’t always so. Yet, those that have gone back and reread a chapter with the song in mind say they can see it. You don’t know how much I appreciate that! Thanks!

I won’t promise to divulge my thinking on each chapter, it depends on the projects I get into after R&L is done, but I might write a short essay about the plotting method I used for this story.

I don’t use this for every story I write, but it has helped with this one tremendously.

Chapter 29, for instance, has two songs associated with it. First is “The Letter” written by Wayne Thompson. The Joe Cocker version was in my head when I was thinking of a theme for it. Letters of some kind passing between R&L in class. I hope the chapter reflects that. The angst in the song is not between R&L, but their lives descending on them together.  “Life wrote me a letter today…”  “My brain wrote me a letter…”

The second song, “Color My World”, I would hope says it all. Yet, what may be obvious to me isn’t always so obvious to others!
Anyway, the song titles do have meaning. What I feel about the song, what associates the song to my life is reflected in the way R&L deal with life in that chapter.

BTW – I’m still cranking away, after a near two week unintended break from R&L.  First Earl came knocking, but didn’t come in.  Thankfully.  Then the “Client from Hell” had a two day project that took 120 hours over nine days…  Yeah, I feel like Luis at times!  LOL

Why the classics (as in long hair of all genres)?  Other than the simple fact that I am and old fogey, it is the general absence of deep, meaningful songs by the current generation of songwriters, artists, and producers (“I love it when she’s on her knees” might work for a stroke story, not a romance).  I’m happy to say that I see some movement, it is slow, but happening.  Hell, even Kid Rock is showing signs of a) being more talented than anyone ever gave him credit for and b) he might actually have a soul after all — and be willing to expose it!

One would think that this would be a psychoanalysts dream, my connections with phrasings of music or a line of lyrics, but mine isn’t real interested.  She still wants to know about my relationship to my mother.  I have to keep reminding her that I was adopted at 2 days old and don’t remember my mother!  Jeezels-Puh-leeeeeeeze!  I’m more interested in why I liked setting fires as a youth, torturing animals, and these voices in my head…  “No!  No!  They all don’t need to die!  Or, do they????”


PS – Not to alarm anyone, but that last bit is because of a story I’ve been plotting out for awhile.  It is a long way from being ready to write.  The working title is “The Diary of a Perfect Being” – as near as I can tell, my protagonist makes Hannibal Lector seem like an Eagle Scout and Choir Boy.  But, he/she doesn’t indulge in murder.  He/She has far more fun destroying the lives of people.  Sick, sick, sick.  I may never write it.  I don’t know if I want that person in my head for that long.  They don’t make enough Ale, Whisky, and Comet to scrub it out!  Perhaps locking myself in an isolated space for nine months and then sticking my head in a blast furnace to clear it after might work.

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