Chapter 29 Update

I’m extremely happy to say that I just finished the first draft of Chapter 29.

The Boss (my Lady G) and I are headed to Lancaster County, PA for a few days next week (she’ll be shopping, I’ll be at the RR Museum of PA and studying architecture – and devouring wonderful Amish cooking and… oh, damn, the occasional locally brewed pint or ten might find its way down my gullet).  My goal is to have the final, final version of the chapter to my team by Sunday.

One of my team informed me this week that he has taken me as far as he can.  Damn, am I that bad, I thought to myself.  No.  He says my writing has gotten to the point that he can’t help me grow any more.  I respect his comments and decision to back off a bit.  I sincerely hope he sticks around, his feedback is invaluable to me.

So, I’m looking for a new editor.

How do I define the role?

A writing coach.  Someone that can offer insight to my writing, as I’m going through the process, to help me develop and improve.  I’d like to think that every chapter I’ve turned out with Turbo’s help, he has made me better.  The same can be said with the email conversations I’ve had with BarBar, Russell H (my his spirit find the ultimate path), and many, many other travelers down this path.

I have a fantastic team of proofreaders and enjoy the occasional debate over its v it’s and such.  They’ve helped correct many inbred language issues that have resided in my southern bred, engineer/scientist trained ass.  All errors that make it to the final are mine.  Solely.  Hell, I even award the Kewpie-Doll Award to the first that turns back corrections!  With pay like that, how can I be a bad boss to work for!

Most important of all are my readers, those who comment on my stories might think I don’t learn from you, I do.  I appreciate every comment.  Literally.  Even the ones that “fire” me as a writer.  I hear what they say.  I take it to heart.  Sometimes it effects the story.  Most times not, but will change the way the story is presented.  Thank you all!  If not for you, I wouldn’t be growing at all.

It is time for a new coach.  When the student is ready, the teacher appears.  I believe I am ready and await my new teacher, yet that is up to the universe to provide, if I am worthy.

Now, back to my edits of chapter 29!

I will be taking my trusty, dusty laptop to the Amish country with me.  Chapter 30 already has words on page, lots of notes, and a healthy plan that hasn’t changed with where I ended up on 29.  Think Pep Rally – and, not only for the game!!!!

Thanks for reading!  Huge thanks for all the comments and feedback!  Please, please keep it coming.

To provide feedback, of any kind, to a writer in the free/online space is the most powerful pay of all.  The page counts are interesting, but the comments are invaluable.


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