R&L Chapter 28 Posted

Yeah!  Yes!  Wonders!

Yep, it’s up.  On this site.  Always first.  Now to translate it into a number of formats that approximates the largest prime found…  Not really, it just feels like it.  Site A wants the sub-chapter headings as HTML H3, some H4, some…  Well, it is pure text.  Then it is the conversions to different file formats…  Yeah, I’m pissing, bitching, moaning, whining, and whinging.  Ugly thing isn’t it.  I need to go do some Push Hands with Luis.  He keeps inviting me.  I really hate the feeling of the wall on my back when I’m upside down, though.

SoL and ASSTR will be up tomorrow.  I think.  Plus the PDF versions.

Chapter 29 is in…  well, better shape than I would have figured at this point.  Had one of those magical nights of writing last night.  Managed to not only finish a scene that had been bugging me for a while but went on to complete the first drafts of four others as well.

YES!  On of those magical 3,000 word nights of writing.

Damned shame it can’t happen all the time.  Maybe someday when I can put all my focus on this.  And the next twenty stories after.  And the one that has been begging my attention for a couple of months.  And…

About the eyes.  Well, we’re in “holding” mode.  I think.  The Docs don’t want to do anything until things get worse.  Damn.  I love Western Medicine (translate – they have no pill).  My Eastern practitioners have helped me with some life style changes, including the readings from the many tests run by the Others.  Seems I do have some deficiencies of key minerals.  Potassium and Iodine.  Gee.  Sounds like my life as a teenager when I went through this going into puberty.  Now that I’m going out of “adultery”, it makes sense that the hormones are shifting.  Sorry the Big Buck Companies don’t make a pill that will mask the problem and provide symptom relief that creates more problems in the long run.  Just won’t do that.

Instead, I have some simple drops.  New diet (I actually do love seaweed, so this is good – MORE SUSHI!!!!  YES).  An eye patch that I need to wear when the right eye goes…  well, goes wonky.  I’m looking for a parrot.  Needs to reside on my shoulder when wearing the patch.  Needs to talk for me when on my shoulder.  ARRRGH!



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