Chapter 28 and Eyes

Chapter 28 is off to the team (Go Team!!).  Chapter 29 is cranking away.  Yes, when I edit and do my read throughs of previous chapters, it fires off scenes and dialogs for the next.  I personally believe that is the way it should be.  I know what each chapter is supposed to achieve in the overall structure of the story.  I keep lists and such of all the “issues” (my term for things to be resolved) and story lines and things promised and…  But, I’m not OCD.   So, anyway, Chapter 28 is in the mill.  Chapter 29 is in progress.

Now the “interesting” news.  I went in recently to my eye doc because I had been in an environment that scratched hell out of my lenses (I wear glasses, have since I was 10).  It has also been over a year since my last exam.  Well, all the problems with my right eye?  Not the glass.  A severe cataract that came out of no where.  My left eye?  Yep.  Another one.   Not as bad, though.  That would be okay, except he found some “concerning” damage to both optic nerves, but the right is 10x worse.

I am to the point, now, that one more person shines a bright light into my eyes, they are going to find that chair they are sitting on not supporting their ass, but in their ass.  Placed there by a simple move.  Open the gap, insert.  Repeat as required.  I’m feeling very required.

Tomorrow, they are going to dilate my eyes again, put other drops that freeze the muscles that control eye movements, then place  a medieval torture device to force my eyelids open, and take high-powered flash photographs so they can “study” the vein structures in my eyes.

It is easy if this hasn’t happened to you before.  Been there, done that.  Have the muscle memory of it!  Think flash-bang grenades without the sound.  10-20 times over 45 minutes.

Woe be to the son-of-a-bitch that gives me shite tomorrow night.  I don’t need my eyes to lay someone out.

Be well,


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