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Well, I’ve survived the World Cup, a few Grand Prix weekends, a couple of health issues, my wife having a few tons of dental work, and a bit of the writer’s lament.

On the World Cup.  I’m starting a contest to name the Yugo awards for the World Cup.  For those not in the know, the Yugo Awards are a special award for the worst in a particular Formula One Grand Prix.  The inventor of the new ball is the leading candidate at this moment, although I’m leaning towards Razzy for the bad acting or something to do with Opera, given the grand theatrics of bad officiating and the action known as diving.

Anyway, with this distraction out of the way (I was busy selling marketing services to food service establishments to help improve attendance during the event), my wife’s mouth now healing (and her vacation ends today), and I’m feeling fit as a fiddle that hasn’t been run over by a truck in a couple of weeks, I’m back to writing seriously.

Chapter 28 is nearly done.  Well, a draft I’m getting happier with daily is nearly done.  I’m currently in the second to last scene and, while the last scene is already written in my head, this scene is proving a bit of a challenge.  Yet, this is why the timid don’t write.  I’m now set to power through it, I can polish it during the edits.  Which leaves only three “issues” (which is what I call my ToDo list as I write a chapter – those things that need to be added, subtracted, dealt with, bribed, murdered, maimed, etc).  Two are simple changes which will be handled as I go through my read-thru/correct process.  One is a bit more.  Some additions to existing scenes to handle open threads from previous chapters (how could I ignore Rosalee like that when putting down the basics of the chapter, Becca will beat me into submission).

Chapter 29, 30, and 31 are in good shape as far as outlines, goals, my version of issues, and such.

Now, if I can just get someone to marry my ex-wife, or survive until Feb of next year (when her Spousal Support ends).  If Ferrari could just get near the podium and Schumi would decide that being retired isn’t a bad thing.  And, the Yankees win this year.  That lottery ticket I bought yesterday hits for $65 million…  Oh, and my current two consulting clients would just pay me!

Be well,


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2 Responses to R&L News

  1. Spetre says:

    I do hope the story of “R&L”is going well. With very few words, regarding your progress through the various chapters of the story, you cause me to rethink my “intention” to begin writing.
    I’m very aware of the length of time you have spent been writing R&L and of the harrowing hours trying to find the “connecting points” from one chapter to the next.
    Thanks for the lesson, unintended though it may be.
    This is a very touching love story!
    I may have to suffer, fortunately in blissful ignorance, a “football” match, but that is a small price to pay for the rest of the story.
    Regards and thanks
    Peter Shalless

  2. Orblover says:


    Do not take my writing style as the only or the best way to do it! It is my path.

    As for the game… You won’t know what it is like until you read it!


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