R&L Update and Script Frenzy

Chapter 27 of R&L…

All my life I’ve heard the phrase “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

When I was five, I asked, “Why not?”

By sixteen, “Just need more power.”

By thirty, “It’s a project management issue.”

By fifty, “No shit!”

Well, Chapter 27 in various forms has been written for a while.  First, it had to get past me.

Many of the people in my life have used the word bastard in reference to me.  Well, that is not an insult.  I am .  My biological mom was a secretary and my father (married with kids) was her boss.  Not only was I adopted, she was forced to give up the other two children (insert here, I feel like shit that I caused that – insert here, life isn’t fair).

Others have used the word contemptuous.  Yep.  I can prove it.  I spent time in jail courtesy of judge on the charge of contempt of court.  That makes me contemptuous.

Now, back to Chapter 27.

I’m obviously a contemptuous bastard to my team (ex-wives are a given).

We’ll work out the issues and make the chapter great.

Now.  Now.  Now.

Script Frenzy.  My April insanity.  I’ve committed, to myself, to tackle two screenplays this month.  30 days, 100 pages of screenplay.

Well, more later.  Right now, I’ve being called back to writing…


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