R&L Chapter 27 Up

Yeah!  Finally.  Chapter 27 is up.  Of course, not all is smooth sailing.  I found an XHTML error that has propogated itself through most of the chapters here and on ASSTR.  Crap.  I’ll be fixing that shortly.  That’s what I get for changing operating system (and thus editing tools).  A good thing, I guess.  Yet, to have to edit 26 chapters and two versions of each…

I hope you enjoy 27, or at least take it in the spirit that it is offered.  It is a dark chapter.  A key to the rest of the story.  It had to be done.  That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.  Hang in there.  Good stuff (sex, romance, football, and such) is coming!  I promise!!  Or, as Skip Niccio would say, “Trust me.  I know what I’m doing.”

I do need to offer an apology.  Jamaal should have first appeared on Tuesday.  He didn’t.  The writer was on leave that day, I swear!  He’s been flogged.  Jamaal is not a main character, but needed for the story going forward.  This chapter seemed like the best place to introduce him since I couldn’t go back and rewrite Tuesday morning and afternoon.  Well, two scenes anyway.

An update on Script Frenzy.  What a shitty week it has been for that!  A friend’s birthday party for their business (yes, a place that serves alcohol) became more of distraction than I ever counted on.  A new grill had more of an impact than I ever figured.  It was already assembled.  Free.  That was nice.  What wasn’t so nice was the leaking regulator!  Home, grill, and self are fine.  I’m sure the scorch marks will disappear as the grass grows out.

I’m about 12 pages behind where I wanted to be Friday.  So, I’m where I should have been last Thursday.  I’ll catch up a good chunk of that tonight, already have made a big dent in it.  Whether I will get back on track by the 30th…  Keep rooting!  I do hear you!

Let me know what you think of 27.  I promise to answer many of the questions raised in later chapters.  Patience is a virtue.  Or so they keep telling me!

Be well,


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