Computers Suck!

Okay, something that has provided me entertainment and my ex-wives with comfortable lifestyles, maybe I should be a bit lighter about.  I normally am.  Then I started having the infamous Blue Screen of Death.  Could fucking Windows tell me the problem?  Hell no.  Turns out I to wait until the disk drive was on the verge of failure before the Doze would give me enough information to diagnose it.  Well, all last week I was without my primary system (a laptop) and using my wife’s system.  I do back up critical files to it daily, so I didn’t lose any writing, just time.  Saturday, my new disk arrived.  3.2 times the space of my old laptop drive.  For less than $100.  Kewl.  I also made the decision to abandon Windoze forever.

I’ve now joined the movement I’ve been advocating on the server side of the house since the 1970s – a Multics flavored operating system!  Okay, Multics had to go through many trials and tribulations to arrive at Linux and then Ubuntu, but it did.  Yes, a deep, dark secret of mine, I’m a Multician.  One of the few, the proud!  And one more than one system, two of them being in real production making money!

Now I’ve come full circle.  I’m running it now on my desktop – or a flavor there of.  A long way from the Honeywell DPS-8 I was first introduced to Multics on.  That sucker took up most of a 4,000 square foot computer room.  Had all of 8 (yes eight) megabytes of memory (yes, megabytes).  And a whopping 1,000 megabytes of disk (One gig) in big washing machine sized drives.  Ten of them.  Not to mention the ten 16 track tape drives that stood six feet tall.  The vacuum columns were three feet tall (youngsters, ask the oldsters about what that means).  I’m not even getting into the 50+ tons of A/C the room needed.  Of course, there was another 5,000 sq feet consumed by some big blue thing…

Now I have two processors with 2 GB of memory.  500 gigabytes of disk.  All in a package one inch tall when closed.  With a 15.1″ wide display.  That consumes something less than 50w.  Damn!

Okay.  Enough of memory lane.  For the moment.

Writing has been delayed as I diagnosed, researched, and now am moving operating systems.  Not to mention the stray dogs and neighborhood kids I kicked, the copious quantity of beer and whisky consumed while diagnosing the problem…

The good news?  I’m back!  I’m shooting to release chapter 27 to my team late next week.  I would this week, but the new wife and I are celebrating seven years of blissful marriage this week.  I’m gonna be a bit distracted.

Thanks for reading!


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