Chapter 26 Update

Chapter 26 is finally in its last edit stages and I should begin the HTML conversion process either tonight or tomorrow.  Chapter 27 is on track.  Still no acceptable draft, but rapidly closing in on one.  Just one scene…  Just one scene!  Okay, so it’s the most critical scene in the chapter (and for the day), but, hey!  LOL

More when 26 is out.  I should have an update for 27 as well.

On a more somber note.  Russ Hoisington, who we know from his “Wynter” stories, is at death’s door.  I got to know Russ over the past years through email as we discussed his stories, mine, and the art of writing.  I’m going to miss him.  Terribly.  I will hold him in my thoughts and prayers, and in my heart forever.


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