2010 – Finally!

The Aughts were a damned interesting decade and I’m personally delighted that they are over.  Yes, some good, a few great, and many bad memories.  The chronicle of the decade would take at least a series of novels, which I’m not going to do here.  Let’s just say that I started the aughts out employed, with three children I was close to, and a wife of nearly 20 years.  I end the aughts retired (or so I think – BTW, bitch, where is that $3.5 million???).  Dabbling in my life-long profession (technology and strategy).  And… writing.  Oh, and remarried.  And pretty much estranged from my kids.

A new decade begins.

I’m writing up a storm right now.  There are three chapters in the bag for R&L I haven’t published.  I’m working through the next two before I do.  I want to get to lunch in the story before…  well, I still have some planning I’m working out.  I’d talk about the reasons, but…  Be assured, you’ll see new chapters to the story in the next bit.

A bit – in Information Theory, that is the smallest, indivisible component of information.  A bit – something my wife tells me when we’re going out.  She’ll be ready in a bit.  In female timeframes, that means anywhere from “Boy, you’re late and making me wait” to two hours later.

My bit will refer to the second definition.  Chapter 24 will be out in “a bit” – within a week or so.

Welcome to the Ones!  The Aughts are over!


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