Writing Again

OMG!  I hate the fall.  Yes, there are distractions.  Yet, then again, there are distractions all year long.  So, I don’t have that to fall back on.  Instead, I can only look at past history.  In the fall, I’ve performed horribly with my writing.  Another fall has past and I have yet another data point to add to it.

This past weekend, a series of events occurred.  Most just coincidence.  Yet, I’m writing again.  Today, I rewrote over 4,500 words (edit/rewrite) from first draft to possible story of my deadtree novel.  I also added over 1,500 words of new first draft.  I tackled a roadblock in R&L and came out the other side with something I like.  Tomorrow I feel I can finish the detailed outline for Thursday, which means I can get back to writing the story again.  I also tackled another project (made it past another set of hurdles that have been plaguing me for months) and I can see the outcome.  It has something to do with two people paddling around in canoes and a possible movie.

For my R&L fans – Wednesday afternoon has been done for a few months.  I have attempted three different versions of Wednesday night.  I now have a clear path through the night and into Thursday.  I want to deliver a solid product to my readers, that has been my goal for the story since day one:  To learn, grow, and do the best I can at any moment.  It would seem that the fall decay of Earth (yes, I follow the Old Religions, as I do many of the contemporary ones) has once again intruded into my life.  I refuse to release something that is NOT the best I can do in the moment.

Well, I’m back.

Plus, a new laptop is soon to be arriving at my door.  Which will only help!

Next week, I’m hoping that all can find a few moments between stuffing themselves and watching football (two wonderful activities that I plan on indulging in) to take a few moments to reflect, to find those sources of personal inspiration and strength, and to give thanks for them.  Joining with family and friends to share (and mutually stuff and enjoy football) is even better.

I’m spending the first part of next week traveling to the world of one of my favorite online writers.  I’ll be in and around Paradise, PA.  Should I run into Kyle or Penny’s families, I’ll let you know.  I won’t be there for the annual high school rivalry game – dammit.  But, I will be home to watch my Yellow Jackets put a major hurt on that high school in Athens, GA come next weekend.

Be well and Be thankful,


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  1. Spetre says:

    “Another fall has past..”
    What fell?

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