College Football

Ah, the season is upon us!  Of course, since Luis is very interested in pursuing excellence on the college gridiron, I find myself forced to ‘research’ the subject.  And, oh what a season it has been so far.  It doesn’t pay to be a top 5 team (nor top 10 this week).  I’m just hoping after my Yellow Jackets whomping of UNC today, that we at least move back into the top 25.

Update on R&L.  I have a chapter ready to post, sort of.  I need to get two more chapters at least through rough draft before I publish it.  Too many things relate and I want to ensure all the details are correct.  More as I get closer.

I’m also working with someone very close to me on a novel.  It has been around for a while, but recent interest has inspired some serious rewriting.  The first 6 chapters should be published and done soon allowing me to focus more attention on R&L and a couple of other short, short stories.

Until later!


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  1. Spetre says:

    I’m amazed at the time and care you take to research your stories.
    It speaks well for your craft and displays a
    concern for you readers.
    Thank you.
    Peter Shalless

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