Rebbecca and Luis

Years ago, as I was headed to the dentist’s office to have a crown put on a tooth, I remember thinking how easy it would be to just aim my vehicle in another direction and run.  A normal, human reaction – when you know something is going to be unpleasant, there is the natural tendency to run in the opposite direction!

Well, I just finished a part of chapter 22 that was very difficult to write the first time and no easier for me to do the rewrite.  It is a scene that has been rattling around in my head since I started plotting the story out over 2 years ago.  Wow – that alone – two years.  80,000+ words so far.  This chapter is over 10,000 words long.  Fortunately, I’m past the halfway point!

Back to the crown and the scene.  I have finished the rewrite of that scene.  Now to finish the final 1,000+ words of the chapter.  Then I have to throw it in the rock tumbler and polish it.  Fortunately, it is raining today, so I’ll be able to put in more hours writing today instead of cutting the grass, burning hunks of cow on the grille, or being distracted by my neighbor catching some rays (do you think she chooses an area right outside my office window on purpose?).

Back to Luis, Rebbecca, and Rosalee…


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