Chapter 22 Redux and Chapter 23

Chapter 22 is still lost in the grand cycle of editing and proof reading.  One of my MIAs has returned to the world, kinda.  Still waiting for his invaluable input before putting it out.

Now, a HUGE concern.  I don’t want to put a chapter out and have Nick put a chapter out the same day or the day after.  Call me paranoid.  I’d like to have a few days of clear air and Nick is gearing up for a chapter release.  Deja Vu all over again.  My last few chapters have run into this.  Yes, he and I have conversed and we are attempting to coordinate, but both having “lost in editing” issues.  So, again, I’ll put it out when it happens regardless.  I’ll just keep thinking “Skip Niccio” – thanks Wine Maker for that image.

Chapter 23 is more than halfway through the first draft and I’ve run into something new.  Rosalee wants to have a voice.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Rosa.  She’s a very special person that showed up at an interesting point in R&L’s relationship.  She’s key for the week in many ways.  Should I give her a voice?

No matter what I decide, she’s already written passages and scenes.  Now I have to choose to include it for everyone to read.  One way or another, I’ll still love Rosa and hope you will as well.

Back to chunking chapters!


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