Yet Another Script Frenzy Update

Fans?  I have fans?  Kewl!  At the request of a few, a bit more on what I’ve been doing with Script Frenzy:

I’m 2/3 of the way to my goal – 100 pages of quality script and I’ll make the deadline of April 30.  But, I won’t be finished!  Not by a long shot.  I will finish this script, though.

What’s happened so far?  First, I reread a few stories that I considered candidates and selected two: “The Millionaire Next Door” byLazlo Zalezac and “Paddling Upstream” by J. Strickland (both my be found on  I secured permission from both authors to do an adaptation of their stories.

I then did an analysis of each story, creating a list of characters and each scene from the books.  Then, I looked at what it would take to make each into a screenplay.  I ended upchoosing the hardest of the two: “The Millionaire Next Door”.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been copying each scene into my scriptwriting software (Celtx – I highly recommend it) and converting pros into action, dialog, and notes.  I also realized there was no way to do the full story, so I chose another climax point and have been working towards that, eliminating scenes and characters that didn’t move the story to that point, working my notes into the story and focusing everything on “The Facts of Life” and Dan opening thepizzeria.

Now, I have a 300 page screenplay, which is just a tad too long.  By about 200 pages!  The next week is all about trimming the story down so it fits in under 120 pages.

I plan on polishing this screenplay, getting the authors approval, and then tackling “Paddling Upstream”.  I have plans for two other screenplays this year and doing a complete rewrite of “Closing Time” – my first screenplay.

Back to trimming!

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