Script Frenzy Update

I’m twenty days into the script frenzy now.  Am I done?


I’m taking a 280,000 word story, “The Millionaire Nextdoor” by Lazlo Zalezac, and trying to turn it into 105-120 page script (about 50,000 words).  My first cut was to carry the story just though the grand opening of the pizzaria and add a couple of later scenes in.  That produced a 300 page script.

My focus for the next 10 days is to trim, eliminate, shrink, and otherwise mutilate the story until it is the size I want.  Oh, while retaining the essence of the story and highlighting the three articles.

Unfortunately, I’m still at the stage where changes increase the size, not decrease it!!!

Oh well, back to Dan, Tom, Alison, Kim, and the others!

For those wondering about R&L, it is still very much an active story.  The rough draft for chapter 22 is long finished.  The first draft is 80% done and the first half has already made it through one rewrite.  Plus, Chapter 23′s rough draft is well underway.  Come May 1st, I plan on focusing on R&L until I can get at least one chapter out.

More later!


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